EA Sports Responds To User Complaining Bruno Fernandes Disappears On FIFA 22 Against Higher Rated Teams

EA Sports Responds To User Complaining Bruno Fernandes Disappears On FIFA 22 Against Higher Rated Teams

A FIFA 22 player mocked Bruno Fernandes by claiming he vanished against higher rated teams with EA Sports taking his complaint seriously 

What would this world be without sports fans belittling opposition teams and players.

Ever since Bruno Fernandes has made a foray into the Premier League, the Portuguese midfielder has become a favourite topic to besmirch. His outlandish penalty claims and diving on the pitch has seen opposition fans rip into him with many berating the player for his overzealousness to go down and earn a penalty.


Bruno’s innate insatiable thirst for penalties saw him go at loggerheads with Cristiano Ronaldo recently with him refusing to hand over a penalty to Ronaldo. Bruno ultimately went onto miss from the spot with Emiliano Martinez taking no time in mocking Manchester United fans ensuing the miss.

FIFA 22 Player Mocks Bruno Fernandes 

While Bruno’s impact on Manchester United has been well documented since his transfer to the club, the player has been guilty of only performing against the lower placed clubs. Bruno has a horrendous record against clubs which form the top 6 of the showpiece league, figures which have been persistently used by opposition supporters to smear the player.

A Twitter user used the data to mock Bruno with him tweeting to EA Sports about how Bruno always vanished on FIFA 22 against higher rated teams. His complaint lead to a hilarious exchange between him and the gaming company with EA Sports taking his anguish way more seriously that it should have.


Manchester United meanwhile are in a soup at the moment with the club winning only one of its last three encounters. The side managed a dreary 1-1 draw with Everton last weekend prior to the international break as Ole Gunnar Solskjaer decided to bench Ronaldo.


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