Did fitness influencer Larissa Borges take the Covid vaccine and what is her cause of death reason

Did fitness influencer Larissa Borges take the Covid vaccine and what is her cause of death reason

Here is all you need to know about the fitness influencer Larissa Borges, who died of double cardiac arrest after spending a week in com and if she took the Covid vaccine

Popular fitness influencer Larissa Borges unfortunately passed away on August 28th, 2023 at the age of 33 after suffering two heart arrests for unidentified reasons.

Did fitness influencer Larissa Borges take the Covid vaccine and what is her cause of death 

She bravely battled for her life in a coma before dying. The news was initially released by Borges’ family, who have assumed control of her Instagram account in her remembrance. The family wrote:

Our beloved daughter, take your steps with God and be blessed.”

According to reports from the local media, Borges was admitted to the hospital on August 20 after going into cardiac arrest while attempting to travel in Gramado. The 33-year-old spent a week unconscious.


Her family stated via social media:

The pain of losing someone so young, with only 33 years old, and so lovely, is overwhelming. Our hearts are broken, and the longing we will feel is indescribable.”

Unknown factors may have contributed to the influencer’s death, however it has been speculated that she may have had alcohol and/or narcotics in her blood when her heart problems first appeared. Authorities intend to carry out a thorough investigation, which will include a post-mortem examination, in order to ascertain exactly what happened.

While anti-vaxxers have alluded her cause of death to the Covid vaccine, there is no information on if Larissa Borges took the vaccination or not.


Authorities’ statements regarding Larissa Borges’ unexpected death include the following:

There is a report of a possible ingestion of narcotic substances, accumulated with alcoholic beverages,” reported Deputy Gustavo Barcellos of the ongoing investigation. “The body was sent for necropsy. We will try to search through laboratory tests for substances that she possibly consumed.”

Borges’ passing is the most recent event to shock the fitness industry. Following many bodybuilding-related deaths, the industry has been on high alert. Influencer Leo Longevity, 34, met his end in January inside his looted Thai home. What specifically caused his untimely death is still a subject of continuous conjecture.


Popular bodybuilding personality Jo Lindner passed away unexpectedly a few months later at the age of 30. The news shocked the athletic community, and several well-known athletes paid respect to Lindner’s contribution to fitness.