College Essay Writing Format, Topics, Tips And How To Write Good Essays

College Essay Writing Format, Topics, Tips And How To Write Good Essays

An essay is a written work in which you need to express your thoughts logically, know the right format for college essays

It helps you learn to express your thoughts correctly and coherently. The absence of spelling and punctuation errors is also assessed.

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College Essay Writing Format, Topics, Tips: How To Write Good Essays

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To write a good essay, you need:

  • Become well acquainted with the subject of the essay.
  • Adhere to the “introduction, main body, conclusion” structure.
  • Show sincerity and breadth of heart.

The volume of the essay depends on the requirements of the instructor. There are strict norms on the volume only in the exam papers.

The essay cannot be written if you:

  • Do not read much.
  • You do not communicate much.
  • You do not have a pen.

The main types of essays

Narrative, reasoning, report on a given topic, comparative description, essay.

The classifications of essays depend on the age of the students and the learning objectives. They can be educational and summative, collective and independent, written on literary material or on the basis of personal experience, etc.


A separate classification according to the type of speech, as it most fully reflects the main features of the structure and content of the text.

General rules for writing essays

  • Formulate a clear main idea.
  • Formulate a plan with brief theses and proofs for them.
  • Observe the composition of the work and the logic of presentation.
  • Check compliance of the text content with the chosen topic, correct grammatical and speech mistakes.

Language clichés

Language clichés can be used when writing an essay-description and an essay-explanation.


  • It seems to me that this topic is of interest to many people…
  • This topic is relevant to most…
  • I think (assume, believe) that …
  • The topic has been addressed by writers such as …
  • Here is a picture of a wonderful artist …
  • Many works are devoted to the theme … because …
  • The picture is painted in the genre of …

The main part:

  • In the … plan, we see …
  • The artist portrayed ….
  • The plot of the picture is interesting …
  • The painting is dominated by … colors.
  • Using … colors and shades, the artist achieves … mood.
  • In the novel, the author reflects on …
  • This thought can be confirmed by a quote from the text: …
  • I agree/disagree with the author’s statement because …
  • As an example, we can take the statement …
  • The writer makes us think about …
  • The idea of … is confirmed by …


  • The picture reeks of …
  • When I look at the picture, I feel …
  • In conclusion, I want to say that …
  • We can conclude that …
  • Thus, we can say that …
  • The author’s statement was strong evidence that …

Clichés are not used for the essay-narrative. It is written as a work of fiction.

The difference between a college essay and a work

Proper essay writing is different from writing an ordinary essay. Therefore, if the task is to write exactly an essay, you need to take into account the characteristics of the genre that distinguish it from the rest.

Unlike an essay that analyzes a work of fiction, an essay contains the author’s point of view and his position on the problem at hand.

Also, one of the features that distinguish an essay from an essay is its paradoxicality, that is, the goal is to surprise the reader, to impress him, using vivid images, aphorisms, paradoxical statements.

Recommendations for writing


All the rules of essay writing are advisory in nature. Use our tips on how to write an essay, considering also the information provided above, and create an essay that will not leave the reader indifferent.

Extra Writing Tips:

  • When writing an essay, you should alternate short phrases with long ones. The text will then be dynamic enough to be easy to read.
  • You should not use complicated and incomprehensible words, especially if the meaning of the word is unfamiliar.
  • You should use as few generic phrases as possible. The essay should be unique, individualized, reflecting the personality of the author.
  • Humor should be used extremely carefully. Sarcasm and impertinence can irritate the reader.
  • Reflecting personal experiences, memories and impressions is a great way to validate your point of view and convince the reader.
  • It is necessary to stick to the topic and the main idea, without deviating from it or describing unnecessary details.
  • After finishing the essay, you should reread it, making sure to keep the logic of the presentation throughout the narrative.
  • Using facts, research results in the essay is a great option to add persuasiveness.

Common mistakes when writing an essay

Knowing the most common mistakes, will help you avoid them when writing your own essay.

  • Mistake 1. The fear of being misunderstood or not making the right impression contributes to the fact that the author removes everything superfluous, outstanding from the essay. Due to this, the essay may lose its individuality and uniqueness.
  • Mistake 2. Insufficient elaboration of details. A common mistake is having a statement that is not supported by enough arguments in the form of examples and evidence.
  • Mistake 3. Misunderstanding the essence of the problem stated in the essay or misinterpretation of the topic.
  • Mistake 4. Listing other people’s opinions, without attribution, and lacking your own point of view.

The whole beauty of the essay genre is the absence of rigid restrictions. Complete freedom of creativity, the opportunity to express your view and share your reflections, non-standard solutions to the problem – these are the features inherent in essays that make this genre attractive to a person who is creative and generates original ideas.

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