“Book the tw*t,” is the story of referee Kevin Lynch booking Roy Keane real or fake

“Book the tw*t,” is the story of referee Kevin Lynch booking Roy Keane real or fake

A story involving Roy Keane and referee Kevin Lynch has gone viral

In the realm of sports, the concept of respect operates as a mutual exchange, a lesson underscored by Roy Keane’s interactions with referees.

The iconic Manchester United player and enduring captain at Old Trafford never shied away from expressing his opinions to match officials. Notably, a former Premier League referee has shed light on the sentiments harbored by the officiating crew regarding Keane.

Is the story of referee Kevin Lynch booking Roy Keane real or fake during match vs Stoke City

While it was generally discouraged for players to directly challenge referees on their decisions, such confrontations were a familiar occurrence whenever Keane took issue with a ruling.

Furthermore, Kevin Lynch, a retired referee, has recently offered his perspective on the former Republic of Ireland standout. It seems that Keane did not enjoy widespread popularity among his teammates.

Former referee Kevin Lynch on booking Roy Keane vs Stoke City
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Whether Kevin’s Narrative About Roy Keane True or False?

Kevin remarked, “I just don’t think Roy liked referees, and in fairness, we didn’t f*****g like Roy Keane. It was a fairly balanced equation,  I remember refereeing him one night at Old Trafford, and he were obviously out of sorts with himself, the opposition, his own team-mates, and me.”

Continuing, he recounted, “Before I can get the yellow card out, Keane’s up [and] is suddenly in my face. And he looked at me and says, ‘Do you know who I f*cking well am? And as he said that, Gary Neville were walking past. And I said, ‘Gary, there’s a player here who don’t know who he is!’ And Gary says, ‘It’s Roy Keane, book the tw*t.”


Nevertheless, Kevin’s narrative is entirely fabricated, and there is no factual basis for the alleged incident he described. Furthermore, Gary Neville and Roy Keane did not share the field in a match against Stoke City in 1993.

It is essential to verify information before accepting it as truth, as it appears Kevin may have concocted this story to boost viewership for his podcast channel, “UndrTheCosh.”

Who is Kevin Lynch?

Kevin Lynch, a former soccer referee and public speaker, dedicated more than thirty years to officiating professional sports, handling some of the most renowned and controversial matches of the 1990s.

Following his retirement, Lynch transitioned to after-dinner speaking in 2000, recounting anecdotes from his time on the pitch, interactions with notable figures, and contentious decisions he made.


Throughout his extensive career as an association soccer referee, Lynch served as an assistant referee for Soccer Association and Soccer League Cup semifinals for over a decade.

Additionally, he undertook various international assignments during the final eight years of his tenure. Notably, Lynch presided over the 1992 UEFA Cup Final between Torino and Ajax and worked with FIFA as an assistant referee and soccer speaker for many years.


Admitting to bending the rules on occasion, Lynch characterized it as “smart game management,” deeming it an effective means of maintaining order in intense matches.

Lynch expressed, “I believe it’s a prudent approach to managing the game. I’m not violating any rules; rather, I’m bending them slightly. Ultimately, my goal is to make the correct decision, ensuring we avoid any contentious goals resulting from questionable calls.”

Having officiated in the Soccer League throughout the 1980s and 90s, Lynch also served as a linesman in the 1992 UEFA Cup Final between Torino and Ajax. In a noteworthy moment, he became the first Soccer League referee to eject five players during a heated altercation involving players from Norwich City and Crystal Palace.

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