Why is Man City called the ‘Oil Money Club’ and meme meaning explained

Why is Man City called the ‘Oil Money Club’ and meme meaning explained

The Man City oil club money meme meaning has gone viral on Twitter/X

Manchester City has solidified its status as a global soccer juggernaut, known as ‘The Cityzens,’ consistently clinching trophies in recent years.

Securing the last three consecutive Premier League titles, the team is positioned as a top contender for the 23/24 season. Breaking a longstanding pattern of setbacks, Manchester City achieved European Champions status in 2023, completing a remarkable treble.

Explained why is Man City called the ‘Oil Money Club’ and meme meaning explained

Despite this impressive track record, the club has struggled to win the affection of soccer enthusiasts. Many still question its stature as a major club, casting doubt on its historical significance.

The term ‘oil club’ is often derogatorily associated with Manchester City, though newcomers to the soccer scene may find it challenging to grasp its meaning.

Reason Why Manchester City Called ‘Oil Club’

Manchester City’s reputation as an ‘oil club’ stems from its transformation from a modest club in North-Western England with minimal aspirations for trophies.


Enduring mid-table mediocrity and a stint in England’s second division during the late 1990s, everything changed in 2008 with the acquisition by Sheikh Mansour, Vice President of the UAE.

Sheikh Mansour, through the Abu Dhabi United Group (ADUG), acquired a 90% stake from former Thai Prime Minister Thaksin Shinawatra, injecting substantial funds into the club.

This financial boost allowed Manchester City to acquire top-tier players and upgrade its infrastructure with cutting-edge facilities. Critics argue that this injection of funds essentially amounts to buying success, a sentiment not lost on soccer fans.


Validating these concerns, seven of the club’s nine Premier League titles were secured post the 2008 takeover. The club’s maiden UEFA Champions League campaign occurred only in the 2011/12 season.

This historical context has led to the club being labeled an ‘oil club,’ emphasizing its transformation into a trophy-winning entity.

However, Manchester City’s financial dominance may face a reckoning. In 2023, the Premier League accused the club of violating 115 Financial Fair Play Rules dating back to 2009.


Allegations include failure to disclose accurate financial records and manager remuneration details. Though the case has seen limited progress, the Premier League has initiated procedures against the team managed by Pep Guardiola.

Speculation suggests potential relegation or severe penalties, such as point deductions or substantial fines. The league’s stringent approach to clubs with financial irregularities adds an intriguing dimension to the unfolding saga involving Manchester City.

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