BMPS 2024 season 3 schedule, start date, format, registration and prize money pool

BMPS 2024 season 3 schedule, start date, format, registration and prize money pool

Have a look at the BMPS season 3 2024 schedule and date

Game developers Krafton have officially announced the 2024 edition of the prestigious Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series (BMPS), marking its third season, check out the competition details below.

Krafton made the announcement on the final day of the Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) 2024.

BMPS 2024 season 3 schedule, start date, format, registration and prize money pool purse

The BMPS 2024 will mark the second official BGMI tournament of the year following the conclusion of BGIS 2024.

Krafton announces BMPS 2024

The publisher has not yet revealed its complete details like the registration, format, and full schedule.


BMPS 2024 overall prize pool

Krafton stated that the overall prize pool of the BMPS 2024 will be the same as its inaugural edition i.e. ₹2 crore. However, they did not announce the different rank-wise prize money details.

BMPS 2024 dates and host cities

The BMPS 2024 will begin in August, with the LAN finals set to take place in Kochi, Kerala. As of now, the organizers have not announced the exact start date of the event. However, it is set to begin around August with the Grand Finals set to take place from September 26 to 29.


This is the first time that Kerala will host a major BGMI contest. The previous edition had its grand finale in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, while the entire first season was conducted online in 2022.

Teams and format

Krafton will announce all the Indian teams that will participate in the Pro Series tournament in the coming months. Some teams will receive direct invitations to the event. Following several rounds of competition, the 16 best teams will get the chance to compete tickets in the Grand Finals.

BMPS 2024 previous editions

Team Soul won the inaugural edition of BMPS and qualified for the PUBG Mobile World Invitational (PMWI) 2022. One of the players, Goblin claimed a total of six individual awards, including the MVP. Following the win, the team won a huge cash prize worth ₹75 lakhs. Notably, the players from that winning squad joined Carnival Gaming earlier this year.


In season 2 of the BMPS, Blind Esports managed to triumph over the teams with Spower emerging as the star player. The same lineup joined Team Soul in January 2024 and will be looking to win again this season as well.

Aside from the BMPS 2024, BGMS Season 3 is also set to begin on July 19. The BGMS is also a major BGMI tournament featuring 24 teams.

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