Watch Neyoo Gaming video clip showing him abuse minor girl goes viral as controversy blows up

Watch Neyoo Gaming video clip showing him abuse minor girl goes viral as controversy blows up

A video clip showing Neyoo Gaming abuse a minor girl has gone viral

Know more about the viral controversy of a popular YouTuber Neyoo, as the online content creator is making headlines for abusing a minor. Not aware of the situation, don’t fret, we’ve got your back!

Earlier, reports surfaced online suggesting that Esports player and YouTuber Neyoo, whose real name is Suraj Majumdar, had verbally abused a minor during his live stream.

Watch Neyoo Gaming video clip showing him abuse minor during live stream goes viral as controversy blows up

Now the video of the live stream is swirling around internet showing how the 24-year-old abuses a minor.

Though the YouTuber has apologize for his wrongful act, however, social media users have taken the matter on another level as they are busy criticizing him.

What Exactly Happened?

For the curious, the incident took place on Monday, Jul 1, when the internet personality was live at the streaming platform Ome TV.

At the video chat platform, the star encountered a young girl. Although their conversation didn’t seemed to go well as reports claims that the girl started the conversation by racial abuse on Neyoo.

It didn’t go well with the Esports player and in response to the derogatory remarks, he replied with “filthy” comments as well.


Not just this, the internet personality even took the matter to another level and showed degrading signs along with some serious degrading remarks, in the pretext of kidding.

However, internet user’s weren’t happy with Neyoo’s behavior and they took the matter on social media platforms especially on X/Twitter and began criticizing him.

Some even went to ask the Police to investigate the matter and take appropriate actions against him as the incident involves a minor.

Neyoo Apologize via Instagram 

Following the continuous backlash, Neyoo took to his Instagram and came forward to address the criticism as he apologized saying he felt truly sorry for what he did during the live stream.


Furthermore, he mentioned that he should’ve just ignored the situation instead of reacting to it angrily.

In addition, he said he didn’t want to hurt anyone’s sentiments and he will keep in mind that it won’t repeat in the future.


Still, social media users were not seemed to satisfied with his apology as many are still criticizing him for his irrational behavior involving a minor.

Among these involves some big name such as a journalist Deepika Narayan Bhardwaj who took to X and penned that Neyoo’s behavior was ‘disturbing.’

Moreover, a few fellow influencer also criticized Neyoo with Lokesh Jain aka Goldy Bhai calling him out for his actions.

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