Blue Lock chapter 262 spoilers and leaks drop on Twitter/X and Reddit

Blue Lock chapter 262 spoilers and leaks drop on Twitter/X and Reddit

The Blue Lock chapter 262 spoilers and leaks on Twitter/X and Reddit were expected to show Michael Kaiser’s reaction to Yoichi Isagi’s trash talk

Indeed, the spoilers delivered, revealing how Kaiser reinvented his ego to defeat Isagi.

The previous chapter of the series delved Into Michael Kaiser’s past and his choice of Alexis Ness as a partner. It also depicted Kaiser’s attempt to score against PXG, only to be stopped by Rin and Isagi.

Blue Lock chapter 262 spoilers and leaks summary drop on Twitter/X and Reddit

Following this, Isagi taunted Kaiser, claiming the throne of Bastard Munchen. According to the alleged spoilers, chapter 262 is titled “Zero.” After Rin Itoshi and Yoichi Isagi blocked Kaiser’s shot, the ball went near Ryusei Shidou and Kunigami Rensuke.

Kunigami won the aerial duel, passing to Kurona Ranze. Isagi saw this as a chance to make Bastard Munchen his team, believing that Kaiser was faltering.


To exploit this, Isagi taunted Kaiser to make his moves predictable, planning to team up with Kurona and Hiori to secure his victory. The spoilers then focus on Michael Kaiser, who recalls Isagi’s harsh words: “Kneel before me, you f***ing clown.”

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This enraged Kaiser and reminded him of his father’s abusive behavior, calling him a “worthless thing.”

Though Kaiser had overcome his past, he feared losing everything if he didn’t win, including his offer from Re Al and his team’s throne.


Seeing Kaiser’s stress, Alexis Ness advised him to avoid reckless plays and wait for the right moment to use his new weapon.

Kaiser, furious at Ness’s advice, realized that losing the game would mean losing everything he had achieved. Reflecting on his actions, Kaiser understood that he had been fighting not to gain something new but to prevent becoming worthless.

This was the downfall of an achiever’s heart fighting to protect rather than to attain. Kaiser realized that to prove his existence further, he needed to abandon everything that made him comfortable.

Like Ego Jinpachi’s challenge to the Blue Lock candidates to make “one” from “zero,” Kaiser decided to become “zero” again. By doing so, he sought to rediscover the true sensation he desired, reinventing his ego to defeat Isagi.

Release Date

The alleged spoilers also revealed” that the next chapter will be titled “Boundary Line.” For the unfamiliar, Blue Lock chapter 262 is officially set to be released on Wednesday, May 22, 2024.


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