Biggest Cricket Fights: Instances Where Indian Players Sledged Their Opponents

Biggest Cricket Fights: Instances Where Indian Players Sledged Their Opponents

The Indian Cricket team has forever chosen to play the game in a gentlemen’s style. However, there have been instances when the side’s cricketers have gotten involved in the biggest cricket fights

The method of tranquility was imbibed by the early legends from the past like Rahul Dravid and Kapil Dev. But on the other hand, the current Indian team runs on a very different policy sharing a few friendly banters to spice up things on the field. 

This not only makes the game interesting but aids an individual to perform well on given occasions. But certain cheeky sleds deviate into a horrific nightmare. Sledging depends on the intensity however, when it exceeds a certain threshold, it causes havoc and may harm both players.

Biggest Cricket Fights Involving Indian Cricketers

1. Sourav Ganguly: This forever nostalgic incident would be cherished by the Indian fans when Ganguly answered the former England pacer Andrew Flintoff . The incident was witnessed in 2001 when England visited India and ended the six-match ODI series with 3-3. Overflown with joy the standing captain Flintoff stripped his jersey and roared in outrage.

Nonetheless, after India visited England in 2002 and secured a last-minute victory in the Natwest Series, Ganguly repeated something similar cheering from the Lord’s balcony waving his jersey in the air in the best way to reply to Andrew Flintoff.  

2. Yuvraj Singh: The sixer King Yuvraj Singh hailing from Punjab aggression oozes in his blood. During the 2007 T20 World Cup, once again Andrew Flintoff aimed to sledge Yuvraj Singh which blasted further into a fight between both the players. 


The ending results created an iconic history as Yuvraj Singh demolished Stuart Broad, he went on smashing six sixes in an over to prove his power-hitting abilities. One regretful memory for Andrew and innocent Broad. 

3. Harbhajan Singh: The man with a golden arm, Harbhajan Singh is considered an aggressive player in the  Indian team. The Test series between India vs Australia resulted in him being banned for three games. During the test match, Harbhajan was standing tall, contributing with Sachin Tendulkar. 


The effort to smash a boundary and verbal comments from Andrew Symonds referring to it as “his hard luck” ignited an intense conversation between the two, responding to scuffing from Symonds Harbhajan labeled Symonds as a monkey a couple of times and ended with a three-game ban.  

4. Virat Kohli: The name arrives every time we hear aggression and sledging. The evident name Kohli is an absolute genius adopting the rough sledges by the opponents, using it as fuel to maximize his performance. The incident arose during an India vs Australia game between James Faulkner and Virat Kohli. 

The Australian All-rounder tried to disrupt Kohli’s focused attention, Faulkner stated that “Virat cannot score runs off his bowling”. Virat’s audacious reply bamboozled Faulkner, he said “I have smashed you enough in my life. There is no point in wasting energy so just go and bowl”. Something respectful and enough to shut Faulkner’s mouth instantly. 


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