Biggest Controversies In Football: RANKED Biggest Scandals In Soccer History

Biggest Controversies In Football: RANKED Biggest Scandals In Soccer History

Biggest Controversies In Football: Get to know all about the top 10 biggest and ugliest controversies of all time in the sport of football

Since the dawn of technology taking over the sport of football, the chances of controversies taking place should have significantly reduced, yet that has not been the case as witness on numerous occasions. However some might agree that the life referees have certainly eased out with VAR coming in.

So, how many of the modern-era controversies would land in the Top 10 biggest footballing controversies? Want to know, take a good look into this article.

Biggest Controversies In Football: Top 10 Biggest Football Controversies That Have Ever Taken Place

10. VAR International Debut

International football got its first taste of VAR when it was introduced in the 2017 Federation Cup. With the amount of debatable errors rising, the tension was high in the final showdown between Germany and Chile, just when referee Milorad Mazic missed the incident of an apparent elbow on Timo Werner by Gonzalo Jara.

Even after checking, it seemed like Mazic is unaware of how to use the technology to its best use, he gave Jara a yellow card even when the contact looked intentional and dirty.

9. Andres Escobar’s Demise

Columbia is football is just like Cricket in India, considered a religion. During the 1994 FIFA World Cup, Columbia was eliminated due to the own goal of Andres Escobar. As he sat down for a while on the field, thinking about the consequences he might have to face, within no time news flourished all over the world than the Colombian was murdered brutally as his own goal led his country out of the World Cup.

8. Brazilian Ronaldo’s encounter with three transgenders prostitutes

Arguably one of the greatest players of all time, but his encounter with three ladies one night seemed to have diminished his image forever. Ronaldo took home three girls, to his surprise all 3 of them were transgenders. Ronaldo’s companion insisted that the former Real Madrid striker should give the 3 ladies some money and bury the incident.

Yet there was a major fight which led everyone come across this staggering news. As a result, Ronaldo went into hiding after the news of all of them snorting cocaine came out.

7. John Terry’s Love-Making Affair with Wayne Bridge’s Wife

One of the most loyal English defenders to have ever payed for Chelsea, John Terry makes it into the list of top 10 biggest football controversy of all time with his incident of sleeping with his own national teammate, Wayne Bridge’s wife.

As a result Bridge decided not to play in the same team as Terri even while representing the national side. Moreover he was seen never shaking his former teammates’ hand whenever Bridge’s Manchester City and Chelsea met.


6. Karin Benzema, Frank Ribery and an underage prostitute

French International Players, Karim Benzema, Frank Ribery and Sidney Govou were linked to a teenage prostitute Zahia Dehar, which resulted in all these 3 players getting thrown out of the national side. However the girl stated that none of these players forced themselves on her.

5. Algeria Elimation from 1982 World Cup

This is considered to be the reason why final group stage games in the World Cup are played on the same day. When Algeria defeated Chile 3-2, both the other teams Germany and Austria conspired against Algeria to keep the score intact which sees the North Africa side out.

Both teams did nothing as Germany scored the required goal in first 10 minutes as Austria never seemed to attack, ensuring Algeria is eliminated.

4. 2002 South Korea World Cup

Another World Cup incident which enters the Top 10 Biggest Controversy list, this time in the 2002 South Korea world cup, because of the referees corruption. With Spain locking horns against the under dogs South Korea, referee Byron Moreno and lines-man, Gamal Al-Ghandour of Egypt decide to conspire against the former team.

Not only were multiple clear cut penalty calls were ruled out, but the linesman kept giving false offside calls. When found out, both these referees were suspended.

3. 2022 World Cup Host Selection

On December 2010, FIFA’s Executive Committee selected Russia and Qatar to host the 2018 and 2022 world cup editions respectively. The selections generated a lot of heat soon after. Later it broke out that major corruption had influenced the choices as Qatar were chosen as the 2022 World Cup Hosts.

2. Marseille 1993 Ligue 1 Fraud

Marseille became the first French side to win the European Championship (UEFA Champions League) in 1993 when they defeated AC Milan 1-0 in the final. Late news was revealed that Marseille’s President Bernard Tapie had bribed Valenciennes FC into giving up in the remainder of the Ligue 1 game.

Which allowed Marseille to win Ligue 1 without risking its players. Marseille also got enough time to concentrate on the Champions League final.


The consequences faced by Marseille were also as brutal as their crime. Not only were their domestic title snapped, but UEFA barred them from participating in the next Champions League edition with their President facing prison time.

1. Battle of Santiago 1962

A World Cup game full of insults, abuses and chaos, played between Italy and hosts Chile. Talking about the battle, the tension began well before the game. Moreover, during the world cup, Italian newspapers were also accused of disregarding and demeaning Chilean women.

What brutality was witnessed in the game was beyond. description with players launching MMA kicks on each other kicks, to street boxes, to players breaking each other.

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