BGMI A6 Royal Pass rewards leaks, price and release date of 3.1 update

BGMI A6 Royal Pass rewards leaks, price and release date of 3.1 update

As Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI) fans eagerly await what the new A6 Royal Pass will bring for the players, check out all the major rewards leaks, prices and release date

Notably, BGMI introduces a new Royale Pass along with each major update, featuring a unique theme and theme-based rewards.

BGMI A6 Royal Pass rewards leaks, price and release date of 3.1 update details


BGMI will release the upcoming A6 Royale Pass along with the 3.1 update, and players can expect the full reveal in the upcoming days but an official release date isn’t known.

A6 Royale Pass major leaked rewards

According to leaks provided by a YouTuber named ClassifiedYT, BGMI will introduce the A6 Royale Pass with the 3.1 update. ClassifiedYT further revealed that the Royale Pass will feature levels up to 100. Meanwhile, the 3.1 update will have an Arabian Nights theme with a similar theme for the rewards as well. Given below are some of the major leaked rewards for the upcoming A6 Royale Pass:

  • A6 Royale Pass Level 1 will offer a M16A4 skin, while Level 90 will offer a Groza skin
  • The A6 Royale Pass will feature an upgradable Thompson SubMachine Gun (SMG) Tommy Gun skin at level 50
  • The A6 Royale Pass 100 Level outfit will feature a female outfit based on the same theme as the 3.1 update, i.e. the Arabian Nights theme

Aside from these, the A6 Royale Pass will feature all sorts of other amazing rewards for everyone. Players can simply complete missions within the game to earn free rewards or choose to buy the Royale Pass and gain access to premium rewards.

A6 Royale Pass price

Notably, the upcoming A6 Royale Pass will be available in two varieties, featuring different prices. As such, players can opt for the monthly version or the Royale Pass. The monthly version will unlock levels 1–50 in the first month and then 51–100 in the second. Meanwhile, the Royale Pass will unlock everything at once. As of now, the price for the monthly edition of the Royale Pass is set at 360 UC. On the other hand, the Royale Pass will cost 720 UC. Besides these two versions, there is also a different variant known as the Elite Pass. The monthly version of the Elite Pass will cost 960 UC.


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