Who is the girlfriend of rapper Famous Dex in 2024 after video of her rubbing his feet goes viral

Who is the girlfriend of rapper Famous Dex in 2024 after video of her rubbing his feet goes viral

The American rapper Famous Dex recently shared a video of himself on his Instagram Story, showing off his feet as his purported lover gave him lotion massages with many wanting to know about his new girlfriend in 2024

The 30-year-old shared a video of a lady in a red dress kneeling on the ground and applying lotion to his feet on February 5, 2024.

Who is the girlfriend of rapper Famous Dex in 2024 after video of her rubbing his feet and toes goes viral

“You ain’t got you a good girlfriend or wife if she not doing your feet as you get out of the jacuzzi. If yo woman not lotioning them dogs up,” he said. The identity of his girlfriend isn’t known though in 2024.

Who is Famous Dex?

On September 6, 1993, Dexter Tiewon Gore Jr.—better known by his stage moniker, Famous Dex—was born in Chicago, Illinois. He is renowned for his rapid energy, improvisational prowess, and vocal dexterity.

Famous Dex shared with his followers on Monday what he thought made a “good girlfriend or wife” in an Instagram Story. The rapper admitted that the primary characteristic of his gf was massaging his feet after exiting the jacuzzi. He called his toes “dogs” and made a joke with his purported lover. He questioned the female: “Are they barkin’ bae?” “Yes” was the joking response from the girlfriend, and Famous Dex continued: “Yeah? Damn, you put me on blast!” He started laughing uncontrollably as the girl replied that she was “just kidding.”


Followers did not take Dex’s words lightly

Internet users ridiculed Dex for the video and his relationship advice on social media, even though the identity of the purported partner is still unknown. According to XXL, Dex was seen on security tape in September 2016 striking his unnamed girlfriend in a Hollywood apartment corridor.


In 2016, Famous Dex faced three separate instances totaling nineteen counts, two of which involved ex-girlfriends. In addition to other offences, he was accused of defacing property, encouraging a victim not to report a crime, and domestic abuse.

According to Complex, he was given a 364-day prison sentence on September 1, 2021, for various allegations of domestic violence and gun possession. The Chicago rapper disclosed his drug problem in April 2023. He was pulled over by reporters at Los Angeles International Airport.

The rapper rose to fame in 2015 following the release of his self-titled debut mixtape, No Emotions Allowed. The song became very well-known in underground hip-hop very quickly. According to XXL, A$AP Rocky, Lil Yachty, and Rich The Kid all had guest appearances on his second mixtape, Dex Meets Dexter, which was released that same year.


In response to the recent trolling, Famous Dex has not yet commented. On Instagram, he revealed plans to perform with 2hotradio and 2hotticket in 2024. The dates are still tentative.


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