Barcelona’s Pau Cubarsi caught liking Lana Rhoades pictures on Instagram

Barcelona’s Pau Cubarsi caught liking Lana Rhoades pictures on Instagram

Pau Cubarsi sure does taking a liking to Lana Rhoades

Pau Cubarsí has caused another stir across social media, but this time not solely due to his exceptional performance since Xavi Hernández introduced him to the Barcelona first team, instead for liking a post of a film star.

For the curious, the rising star of a defender has sparked a revolution. Numerous social media accounts have shared screengrabs revealing the likes made by the youthful Barcelona center back on posts featuring Lana Rhoades, often in scant attire or fully unclothed.

Barcelona footballer Pau Cubarsi caught liking Lana Rhoades pictures on Instagram

These captures swiftly circulated online, drawing attention to Pau Cubarsí’s engagement with the influencer. This surge in attention follows Cubarsí’s recent interview with an NBA player, which sparked considerable discussion just days ago.

Who is Lana Rhoades?

For the unfamiliar, Lana Rhoades, an American internet personality, podcaster, and former adult film actress.

Rhoades grew up in a suburban area of Chicago. She was raised by her single mother alongside an older sister. At the age of 14, she found herself captivated by the allure of the models featured in “The Girls Next Door,” aspiring to embody the glamour epitomized by figures like Anna Nicole Smith.


Embarking on her professional journey in the adult film industry at the tender age of 19 in 2016, Rhoades immersed herself in a world of heightened sens*ality and performance.

However, her stint was short-lived, as she opted to depart from the industry by late 2017. Throughout her career transition, Rhoades remained vocal about the prevalent issues of exploitation and abuse within the p*rnographic sphere.

In a turn of events later that same year, Rhoades found herself released from her representation at LA Direct Models following an altercation involving another performer.


Lana Rhoades Interview

For the unversed, Michael Porter Jr. engaged in an interview with a renowned adult film actress, delving into the less illuminated corners of the industry. Candidly, the actress recounted the challenging years she spent in the realm of entertainment, eventually stepping away when motherhood beckoned.

Rumors swirl in the US suggesting that her offspring may be linked to an NBA player, yet she remains tight-lipped, keeping the identity of her child’s father shrouded in mystery.

During the interview, Lana Rhoades questions, “I think the average life expectancy of a woman in the s*x industry is approximately 37 years and the average life expectancy outside the industry is approximately 78. How is that possible?”


The former actress further stated, “Imagine that you meet a person at their reception and you don’t feel any attraction for them, and then you have to have s*x with them… Do you think you might like them?”

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