Away Goal Rule Quashed From Champions League And Europa League Ensuing 2021/22 Season

Away Goal Rule Quashed From Champions League And Europa League Ensuing 2021/22 Season

UEFA revealed on Thursday that the away goal rule would no longer come into consideration to determine encounters in the Champions League and Europa League

For quite some time now, UEFA have been contemplating about deciding to part ways with the away goal rule in the Champions League and Europa League. And the bigwigs at the organisation decided it was right time to let go of the rule which had been an integral part of the marquee competition.

Champions and Europa League 2021/22 To See No Away Rule Goal

The latest development was announced by UEFA on Thursday with the body taking to Twitter to reveal that the away rule goal was been done away with. The away goal rule will now no longer decide knockout matches in the 2021/22 season of both the showpiece Champions League and Europa League.

Till now, knockout matches were determined by away goals come the round of 16 of both the competitions. In the eventuality of a draw, the team which had scored more goals on its opponent’s stadium was determined as the winner of the clash.

As things stand now, if scores are level are both the legs of the encounters, the match will go into extra-time. If the additional 30 minutes fail to give us the winner as well, penalties will held to determine the winner.


What Was The Away Rule Goal 

The rule which has come into force starting today will be used to decide round of 16 fixtures, quarter-finals and semi-finals.

The away goal rule has over the year been a hotly talked about aspect of the Champions League. Dividing lines, the rule has often seen sides site back and defend with all they have after scouring the all important away goal.

The scrapping of the rule is bound to infuse fresh attacking life into the Champions and Europa League. With a better goal margin solely determining the winner now, teams have the added incentive to push hard and net for the side.


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