“A b**ch with a d**k nose,” Conor McGregor Hits Out At Twitter User Who Called Him A Rapist F**k

“A b**ch with a d**k nose,” Conor McGregor Hits Out At Twitter User Who Called Him A Rapist F**k

Conor McGregor was back on Twitter with his extra spicy and feisty tweets with him squabbling with a woman this time around

Conor McGregor will go down in folklore as one of the most decadent personalities to have stepped out in the world of MMA.

The Irishman has never refrained from indulging in feuds with his competitors be it in the ring or away from it. And as his career has nosedived, Conor’s antics have increased with him becoming increasingly desperate to protect his waning reputation.

Conor McGregor Returns To Twitter To Scuffle With People

The Notorious has taken to Twitter on a raft of occasions to belittle and bicker with people from the world of UFC and MMA. He decided to do the same recently with him mocking Ali Abdelaziz and his religion and community’s tradition of marrying family members.

A Twitter used decided to jump to the rescue of Ali with her labelling Conor a “rapist f**k”, comments which clearly didn’t go down too well with the UFC fighter. He lashed out at the user, lashing out at her fat nose which he went onto give the moniker of “d**k nose”.


Conor subsequently went onto delete the tweets, something he’s well documented to do after squabbling with people. The Notorious had most recently also hit out at Dustin Poirier as he congratulated Tyson Fury for his victory in Fury vs Wilder 3 with him labelling Dustin and his wife fake.

Conor had also gotten involved in a tiff with MGK and Megan Fox at the MMA Awards 2021. However, that’s one rift we can get behind with MGK and Megan Fox much needing of having sense knocked into their empty vessels, something which was alluded to during their recent interview.


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