23.5 (Thai GL) episode 7 release date, time, preview and where to watch ep online

23.5 (Thai GL) episode 7 release date, time, preview and where to watch ep online

The fans are excited for 23.5 (Thai GL) episode 7 whose release date is finally out now

In GMMTV’s 2023, when it was announced as Milk and Love, a popular couple will be getting their own show, everyone was excited for 23.5 girls love drama. Ongsa’s high school life will never be the same when she carelessly tells her cute and cheerful classmate Sun “Sweet dreams” using the Instagram name Earth. Unfortunately, the masculine name leads Sun to believe she’s talking to a guy, but Ongsa doesn’t want to lose the opportunity to talk to her. She chooses to keep it a secret and go on talking to Sun as Earth. This is the synopsis according to MyDramaList.

23.5 (Thai GL) episode 7 release date, time, preview, where to watch ep online

Get ready for 23.5 (Thai GL) Episode 7 which is all set to release on April 19, 2023, at 1:30 PM GMT. Every episode of the series goes for around 1 hour long. The series is set for 12 episodes.

What Exactly Happened so far?

The previous episode of the 23.5 (Thai GL) series starts with Ongsa who is currently stressed. When her parents notice and ask, she just lies and tells them it is because of her studies.


Meanwhile, Sun was showing his bracelet and his friends were in awe. Fans also show some chemistry between Mawin and Tin as they together clean the council room.

The students have gotten a new decor project from the Astronomy Club. But our dear Ongsa is in her own world and others are wondering what has happened to her. After that, she leaves. Sun wanted to know more about what was happening to her.


At Ongsa’s home, we see Luna and Sun arrive. She was stunned when she got to know that Aylin had invited them for a sleepover. She didn’t know a single thing about this. We saw some love confession there. Aylin also argued with Ongsa to go for it, but she was too nervous.

What to Expect Next?

The relationship is finally sailing now and both Sun and Ongsa want to take things slow in 23.5 (Thai GL) Episode 7. Sun has advised many things to Ongsa. Aylin will finally break the nervousness between both girls.


Where You Can Watch 23.5 (Thai GL) Episode 7

Only on GMM 25, you can watch 23.5 (Thai GL) Episode 7 which will be streaming at 8:30 pm according to the Thailand timezone. GMMTV’s YouTube channel is also streaming the series for free. Also, the series will be available on Netflix after a few hours.