“Your girlfriend was f*** by the entire Milan and Inter squads”, New Florentino Perez Audio Leak Reveals What Jose Mourinho Told Mesut Ozil

“Your girlfriend was f*** by the entire Milan and Inter squads”, New Florentino Perez Audio Leak Reveals What Jose Mourinho Told Mesut Ozil

Jose Mourinho had gone onto tell Mesut Ozil that his new girlfriend was the favourite of both the Milan sides as has been heard in the new leaked audio of Florentino Perez

As each day passes and new audio clips are leaked of Real Madrid president, Florentino Perez, the footballing world is provided with fresh fodder to devour. The leaks by El Confidencia have been absolutely sensational with the last couple of days revealing why Perez is so disliked and hated in the world of football.

From belittling Raul, Iker Casillas, Jose Mourinho and Cristiano Ronaldo, Perez has taken a swipe at everyone under the sun. The Real Madrid bigwig has shown absolutely no love or respect for some of the biggest names to have graced the land of the Madrid based club.

While Friday’s leaks weren’t directly about Perez smearing his players, they were still equally entertaining and amusing. The latest leaked audio shows Perez talking about Mesut Ozil and what the player had been told by Jose Mourinho about his girlfriend.


Jose Mourinho Mocks Mesut Ozil And His Girlfriend

Perez is seen talking about Ozil’s girlfriend, an Italian girlfriend who he had made in Madrid. The leak is a testament to Ozil’s petulant personality with Perez seen talking about how Ozil had left his old girlfriend upon becoming a Real Madrid player.

Ozil was besotted by his new girlfriend, a TV personality from Milan. However, Real Madrid’s manager at the time, Jose Mourinho was quick to reveal her true nature to Ozil with him telling the player that his girlfriend had been f***** by the entire Inter Milan and AC Milan squads.

“Ozil came at 21 years old, with a girlfriend, but he quickly discovered Madrid. He told his girlfriend to f**k off and replaced her with an Italian model. He used to take his private jet, f*ck her, over and over again,” Perez is heard saying in the audio clip.


“Ozil fell in love with the Italian model from Milan.  Mourinho told Ozil, the bream, ‘your girlfriend has been f**ked by the entire Milan squad, the entire Inter squad and the entire coaching staff,” Perez continued.

The woman in question is Aida Yespica, a Venezuelan model who moved to Milan in the early 2000s and had confirmed that she and Mesut were dating during his time in La Liga. And with Mourinho in Milan prior his stay in Madrid, its fair to say he probably knew what he was taking about.

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