Xbox Game Pass September 2023 free upcoming games list and release date

Xbox Game Pass September 2023 free upcoming games list and release date

Xbox Game Pass players are eagerly awaiting the full confirmed list of releases for September 2023, check out more details about the games set to arrive, and more below

While 2023 has been an exciting year for Xbox Game Pass players with exciting releases, September take things even higher.

Xbox Game Pass September 2023 free upcoming games full list and release date

While Xbox Game Pass players can expect the full list of game releases in a few weeks time, Xbox have confirmed six titles so far.

Given below is the six confirmed game title releases for Xbox Games Pass September 2023:


Gris – September 5

Gris is the first title which will release on September 5 2023. It is an adventure game developed by Spanish developers Nomada Studio, and published by Devolver Digital. The game revolves around the main protagonist Gris, who undergoes painful and sorrowful experiences. Players get to experience Gris undergoing emotional healing by solving various puzzles and challenges.

Starfield – September 6

Starfield, one of the most highly anticipated games will come to Xbox Game Pass on September 6. Bethesda Game Studios and published by Bethesda Softworks. It is an action RPG where players get to create any character they want and explore with full freedom.

Lies of P – September 19

Lies of P, will release on Xbox Game Pass on September 19 2023. It was developed by Neowiz Games and Round8 Studio, and published by Neowiz Games. The game features a soulslike plot revolving around the story of Pinocchio going up against various challenges. It takes place in the backdrop of the Belle Epoque era.


Party Animals – September 20

Party Animals is the fourth title that will release on September 20 2023. The game was developed by Recreate Games and published by Source Technology. It is a multiplayer physics-based brawler/party game where players can fight their friends as puppies, kittens and other fuzzy creatures.

Payday 3 – September 23

Another fan-favorite, Payday 3, which is the sequel to Payday 2 will release on September 23, 2023. Starbreeze Studios developed the FPS game, while Deep Silver are the publishers behind it. In Payday 3, players can experience criminal life through the eye lens of the Payday Gang. Players will face the envy of other criminals and the watchful eye of the law-enforcement.


Cocoon – September 29 

Cocoon is the sixth title that will release on September 29 2023.  It is a sci-fi puzzle game where players play as an insect-like creature journeying between worlds. In the game, players have to solve puzzles and interact with the environment across various levels. Geometric Interactive developed the game while Annapurna Interactive published it.

Aside from the above exciting games set for release, fans can still expect more exciting games to join the list for Xbox Game Pass in September 2023.

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