World Rugby Sevens Series 2023 Toulouse schedule, date, time, games, live stream telecast

World Rugby Sevens Series 2023 Toulouse schedule, date, time, games, live stream telecast

Three teams are battling for the one available Olympic qualification berth for Paris 2024 when the 2022-2023 World Rugby Sevens Series draws to a finish in Toulouse, France, know its schedule and live streaming details 

The last round of the men’s series and the championship round of the women’s 2022–2023 World Rugby Sevens Series will both take place in Toulouse from May 12–14, 2023.

With three teams still in the running for the final women’s spot available through this qualifying process; Ireland, Fiji, and Great Britain; the Paris 2024 Olympic Games, it will be up for grabs.

World Rugby Sevens (7s) Series 2023 Toulouse schedule, date, time, games, live stream telecast

New Zealand, Australia, and the United States are now the top three teams, and all three have already mathematically assured their places in the Olympic Games.


After France, who finished fourth, qualified as the hosts, the three countries vying for the final spot are Ireland (64 points), Fiji (62 points), and Great Britain (60 points).

After defeating Fiji to earn bronze and keep their aspirations alive in Hong Kong, China, Great Britain enters the contest on a high note.

The championship will officially be relinquished by New Zealand with a ninth-place overall finish or better.


To grab a 22-point lead over Argentina with two events left, their male counterparts, meanwhile, are needing to win three straight matches after winning in Singapore and Hong Kong.

If the All Blacks 7s finish first in Toulouse, they can win the men’s World Sevens Series title, surpassing all other teams even if they lose the series finale in London.

Olympic champions Fiji will try to overtake Argentina, which is now 10 points ahead. Argentina and Fiji both have a chance to get to the Olympics in Toulouse since only New Zealand (and France, as the hosts) have already qualified for the 2024 Games in Paris.

Both teams are now 28 and 18 points ahead of Australia, respectively, so they may both qualify as long as they amass enough points to have at least a 22-point advantage going into the London competition.


The Toulouse 2023 schedule and information on how to watch the event live are provided below.

Schedule for World Rugby Sevens Series 2022/2023

Friday 12 May 2023

  • 10:00–20:27 – Women’s group stage
  • 12:23–21:25 – Men’s group stage

Saturday 13 May 2023

  • 09:15–11:27 – Women’s group stage
  • 11:37–14:33 – Men’s group stage
  • 14:42–19:57 – Women’s cup quarter-finals and 9th-12th semi-finals
  • 16:10–20:25 – Men’s cup quarter-finals and 9th-16th quarter-finals

Sunday 14 May 2023

  • 09:00–11:12 – Women’s cup semi-finals, 5th-8th semi-finals, 9th and 11th place play-offs
  • 11:20–14:16 – Men’s cup semi-finals, 5th-8th semi-finals, 9th-12th semi-finals, 13th-16th semi-finals
  • 14:25–15:09 – Women’s 5th and 7th place play-offs
    15:16–16:22 – Men’s 5th, 9th, and 13th place play-offs
  • 16:37–18:20 – Women’s and men’s gold and bronze finals

All times are local (UTC+8)

World Rugby Sevens Series 2022/2023 live stream and broadcasting details: Where to watch?

Both here and on the official App, live streaming of the World Rugby Sevens Series matches is accessible.

The information on how to watch the action on TV in your area are included here.