Will there be Asur season 3 and is it coming or not, release date and plot story update

Will there be Asur season 3 and is it coming or not, release date and plot story update

The second season of Asur, starring Arshad Warsi, was released with much hype and excitement, know if season 3 is coming or not

The web series Asur’s second season failed to entertain the audience by becoming too engrossed in hyper-technicalities to the point where it neglected to address the main themes of the narrative. The story initially revolved around a larger conflict between good and evil and how we frequently become confused about what is what.

Meanwhile, viewers are waiting for the next season to correct the errors. 

Will there be Asur season 3 and is it coming or not, release date, plot story update


Shubh was a philosopher who used technology as a tool, not a megalomaniacal scientist. He frequently used the AI to identify potential enemies and attempt to get rid of them. Shubh, however, had a problem in that he cherished his stage presence. Without calling the authorities, he might have discreetly killed the targets he desired. 

In reality, the way he had built himself up, he never needed to involve them in anything, as he was already unreachable. However, the purpose of drawing them in was to use them as a talking point for himself and his beliefs. 

In some aspects, it might be hypothesised that he sought to build his own religion that accepted human wickedness and selfishness. Shubh’s followers referred to him as a god, so it doesn’t matter what kind of society it would be because it was never specified. 

It’s critical to keep in mind that Shubh’s entire philosophy was rooted in Hindu mythology. 

If Shubh believed himself to be the god of a new universe, then he couldn’t possibly believe he was the only one. 

This is our theory, but Shubh’s own words at the end of Asur Season 2 indicated that his agenda was still active through others. Kali, whose name he had adopted, believed that he could only survive and achieve his goals by “shifting bodies”. Rather than just programming an AI to take Shubh’s place in case of his death, Shubh had programmed an entire system. 


We assume that he had people in a place like his successors and people who had similar beliefs in the chaos as he did. He gained followers by helping them with justice when the established system of law and order failed.

Among them was a woman who killed Ishani and was given proof that her daughter was alive. However, she decided to work with the police instead.

Leaders create exactly what they follow, while followers choose what suits them. 

Given the philosopher he was, we think it’s possible that he believed the search was bigger than he was and that something else was waiting in the wings to take over. 

Shubh’s goal was to introduce the “Kaliyuga,” which couldn’t have been restricted to one nation. 


It is certain that there are others like him around the world since he must have operated on an international level. It even suggests that there may be some kind of secret society, like a Freemason or evil Illuminati group.

On the other hand, Koka and Vikoka, two of Kali’s generals, were named by Shubh as he was telling Nikhil the tale. As they mention them, we don’t assume that the purpose of naming them was just to say they were dead. 

Could he be the real Kali, who is still operating behind the scenes and isn’t yet visible? We anticipate that many other questions will be answered in the third season. While season 3 is likely to happen, no release date has been revealed as of now.

What Will Happen to Nikhil, Dhananjay, and Nusrat?

Nusrat’s history was revealed in Asur Season 2. She was forced to take some of the toughest decisions, especially for her sister. She tried to differentiate herself from Shubh. 

In the third season, she might either be on the dark side or choose another way.

When Asur Season 2 came to a close, Nikhil and Naina had already parted ways. Nikhil was an idealist, while Naina didn’t mind being selfish occasionally. 


This shows the difference between “gods” and “humans. In addition to being the most intelligent person in the group, Nikhil may also hold unrecognised, legendary importance. His persona contrasts well with Nusrat, whose situations compel her to act differently despite her best intentions. 

A tense relationship between Dhananjay Rajput and Barkha Bisht’s persona can be seen. She appears to be connected to Shubh’s actions in the present and leaves when Dhananjay arrives at her place. 

Since he met her, he knew she wasn’t sharing everything she knew. It’s probable that Dhananjay has already set up a trap for her, similar to the one he used to lure Shubh by posing as Kalki for Anant.

Asur needs a much better story than how technical AI can get, and we honestly don’t care if we have to wait six years this time. Instead of being a lecture on investigative engineering, it is the tale of a psychotic serial killer whose trauma was inspired by Indian mythology. 

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