Will There Be A Nope Sequel, Movie Part 2 Update

Will There Be A Nope Sequel, Movie Part 2 Update

American horror science fiction movie, Nope was recently released on July 22nd, 2022 in the USA, know if it will be have a sequel and part 2 

The movie has won the hearts of the viewers so much so speculations of its sequel are already surfacing the Internet.

Explained Will There Be A Nope Sequel, Movie Part 2 Update

Nope is directed by Oscar-winning writer and director Jordan Peele. The movie has been able to earn 44 million at the box office within its opening week.


Many viewers have called Nope Peele’s best work so far. The movie features actors like Daniel Kaluuya, Keke Palmer, Steven Yeun, Michael Wincott, and Brandon Perea.

It follows the story of two ranch-owning siblings who try to capture and sell video proof of an unidentified flying object.

The movie’s massive success also has an positive impact on the careers of its actors. In a interview, actor, Brandon Perea who played the role of Angel Torres in the movie said, “It’s mindblowing. It’s insane. I was just looking at it yesterday like, ‘Oh my God, I’m in the No. 1 film at the box office.’ It’s starting to pick up really fast. That’s what I’ve noticed about this whole process. It’s all a blessing.”

Will there be a Nope sequel?

Fans are anticipating getting any news regarding the sequel of the movie. Yet, so far no such information has been released officially.


In an interview, the film director Jordan Peele gave a vague answer hinting toward the possibility of a Nope sequel. He said, “I do get asked that a lot. Never say never. There’s certainly a lot to talk about left. We’ll see.”

Nope actor, Brandon Perea also commented on the chances of a sequel of Nope. In an interview with Shadow & Act, Brandon said, “I don’t think the story’s over, in my opinion.“I don’t know anything, no one’s told me jack– maybe I’m just selfish, but I’m like…I want to do it all again. I want to work for Jordan again, with Keke– let’s all have fun again.”

He further added, “I felt like we just told a whole story and it’s just built up to go on another journey. But what I’d like to see for my character is how Angel would navigate attention now that he’s got it.”

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