Will BGMI 2.3 Update Have A Release Date In India And APK File Download Link

Will BGMI 2.3 Update Have A Release Date In India And APK File Download Link

Tencent’s popular battle royale game, PUBG Mobile is all set to receive a 2.3 update, and fans are wondering if Krafton will also release a new BGMI 2.3 update in India and if there’s any release date

As things stand, BGMI, the Indian version of PUBG did not receive the 2.2 update as well as the latest Royale Pass, making the chances of a 2.3 update being highly unlikely.

Will BGMI 2.3 Update Have A Release Date In India, APK File Download Link

Following the swift ban of PUBG Mobile back in September of 2020, Krafton released BGMI (Battlegrounds Mobile India) in 2021. The game quickly gained immense popularity surpassing other games in the Indian market.

The game eventually become the most popular Battle Royale title but shockingly got removed from all online stores recently. The GOI issued strict orders to remove BGMI from both the Google Play Store and App Store on 28 July.

The decision came following reports of user data privacy breaches. Following the ban, old players who had the game installed on their devices can still play but the game hasn’t received any updates ever since.


Will Krafton Release A BGMI 2.3 Update?

PUBG Mobile is closely approaching a new 2.3 update this month, causing BGMI fans in India to wonder whether Krafton will release the same. Notably, the 2.2 major update back in September was barred from released in BGMI despite its counterpart, PUBGM receiving it.

This has prompted some to users to speculate that the same thing will repeat again with the upcoming 2.3 update. So far, the game is still running with the 2.1 update. Since BGMI hasn’t received the 2.2 update or the latest Royale Pass, chances of a 2.3 update release are low.

Currently PUBG Mobile 2.3 update beta is active since last month, but not for BGMI. This could be another implication that the 2.3 update will not be available for BGMI.


Fake Update Links

Krafton also have not yet confirmed anything about the new BGMI 2.3 update. Recently, there have been many links and information on the Internet or Youtube videos about the update’s release date.

However, these are all fake and unreliable links. There are several APK and OBB links for BGMI 2.2 Update on the Internet as well, which are all false. User should be aware for the same for the upcoming 2.3 update as well and remain vigilant.

The Waiting Game

As of now, BGMI gamers can only wait and see what Krafton have to say about the new update. Some users are hopeful that Krafton will be able to get the game unbanned and set a re-release on the Play store and app store.


If that does happen, BGMI could receive the 2.3 update as well. But before any of that can ever happen, fans can only continue to enjoy the game’s available features.

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