Why the Fast & Furious Franchise Continues to Release

Why the Fast & Furious Franchise Continues to Release

It’s been over 20 years since the Fast and Furious franchise’s first movie release. The sequel has continued and has so far released 10 films

Even though there are usually mixed comments regarding each new release, they don’t decrease the numbers.

The franchise is still making good money and entertaining its audience with street racing and action. Even though Fast 10 and 11 (Fast X and Fast X Part 2) are concluding the main story of the sequel, there’s a possibility that the race isn’t ending yet.

The Audience Wants to Witness the “One Last Ride”

Fast and Furious takes the audience for a different ride in each sequel released. They’ve broadened the story from street racing to racing on international roads and introduced various exciting characters.

This makes the story entertaining and resonates with many people across the globe. The first four releases followed the life of an officer, Brian O’Conner, played by the late Paul Walker, who was following the case of the Fast gang, who were street racing in LA.

Then, from Fast Five onwards, it focused on Dominic Torrento, Vin Diesel’s character. It also gradually led the audience to an international story involving heists and enemies targeting Dom.

It shifted from what the first four films were initially about, but that attracted an even larger audience.


During Fast seasons, you’ll find people taking a break from betting on NetBet online blackjack and other activities to binge the Fast and Furious sequel before watching the latest release.

The film has gained a loyal fan base mainly because it has a soul and brings in the action heat. Everyone wants to see the challenges the family will encounter in each new release and how far their imaginations will be stretched.

The Story Continues

Even though Fast 10 and 11 seem to be a conclusion of the Dom saga, there’s a possibility that Universal will continue with the story. The franchise has become enormous and continues to succeed globally for it to end and be forgotten about.


If it continues, then it’ll likely not be with the current cast. Fans may wonder whether the franchise will survive without Vin Diesel in the picture or by taking in a completely new cast and jumping into a new story.

This may be a challenge, but one that isn’t new and one the production can overcome. Vin Diesel wasn’t on 2 Fast 2 Furious, but the show was able to shift the story a little and introduce new characters.

It also introduced a new cast and took a different plot in Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift. This shows that the production can be creative, bring in new people, and introduce a new story while maintaining the franchise’s essence.


If That “One Last Ride” Happens and the Story Continues, Will the Audience Stay?

Even though we can’t predict the future, there’s a chance that there’ll be an audience. People are curious and would want to see what the franchise would be like without Dom and the rest of the family.

If the Fast 12 story has the essence the franchise has been pushing over the years, it’ll likely keep its audience. Also, if it’s a good story filled with action and jaw-dropping moments and resonates with people, it’ll have an audience.

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