Why is Prafull Billore aka MBA Chai Wala called a panauti (panoti) as his cricket predictions memes go viral

Why is Prafull Billore aka MBA Chai Wala called a panauti (panoti) as his cricket predictions memes go viral

Know why is Prafull Billore called a panuati (panoti) for the Indian cricket team as his predictions memes go viral

Check out how MBA Chai Wala’s Prafull Billore transformed from an accidental “panauti” to a self-proclaimed “reverse jinx hero.”

As the thrilling and exciting India-South Africa T20 World Cup final kicked off, all Indian cricket enthusiasts fervently rooted for a triumphant outcome for their team.

Amidst this fervor, Prafull Billore, the founder of MBA Chai Wala Group, has taken social media by storm in the most unexpected way.

Why is Prafull Billore aka MBA Chai Wala called a panauti (panoti) as his cricket predictions memes go viral on Twitter/X

It all started innocently enough when the internet personality posted a selfie featuring cricketer Suryakumar Yadav.

It unwittingly led to a spate of online banter dubbing him the notorious “panauti” (unlucky) following Yadav’s lackluster performance in the tournament. This isn’t the first time that Billore has been linked to bad luck with his well wishes and predictions often turning out adverse for both sports teams and people.

Instead of shying away from the limelight, Billore embraced the title given by netizens and put a humorous spin on the trolling by photoshopping himself into images with South African cricketers.

Instantly, memes and cricket enthusiasts started followed him with Billore’s posting photoshopped images with various South African players in a “reverse-jinx” scheme.


The X/Twitter exploded with laughter as he shared hilarious images alongside English cricket stalwarts like Jos Buttler and Jofra Archer, all in good-natured jest.

This followed India’s spectacular 68-run triumph over England in the semi-finals, where Billore’s mischief with the English team garnered widespread attention.

Social Media User’s Reaction

From “panauti” to now being hailed as a “freedom fighter” against bad luck, Billore’s quirky photos have become a rallying cry on social media, especially as India takes on South Africa in the crucial final step to the World Cup.


Armed with a newfound reputation for his reverse-jinx prowess, he boldly posts selfies with South Africa’s cricket stars, using the hashtag #IStandWithSouthAfrica.

“I thought to share this after the match, but I can’t wait any longer. Thank you for using your reverse superpowers to support India and tirelessly working for India’s win!” a user posted.

“The President Cyril Ramaphosa just tweeted about changing the name of their country from South Africa to the ‘Republic of Prafull Billore,’” another quipped.


A third one joined, “Won the toss, just keep supporting South Africa like this.” A fourth one added, “Good job. Mission accomplished,” after India’s victory over South Africa by 7 runs.

For the unfamiliar, hailing from Madhya Pradesh, Billore dropped out of an MBA program and started a tea stall with just Rs. 8,000 in 2017. His venture quickly gained popularity, evolving into a national chain and he became a social media sensation.

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