Why Did Lionel Messi Wear A Red Ribbon Around His Ankle During World Cup Final, Its Story And History

Why Did Lionel Messi Wear A Red Ribbon Around His Ankle During World Cup Final, Its Story And History

After the FIFA World Cup victory of Argentina over France, Lionel Messi pictures are swirling around online in which the professional player seemed to be wearing a red ribbon around his ankle, know its meaning and the journalist who gave it to him

The pictures taken in the dressing room after the victory in the finals of FIFA World Cup 2022 which left Messi’s fans wondering reason behind player’s wearing ankle.

Why Did Lionel Messi Wear A Red Ribbon Around His Ankle During 2022 FIFA World Cup Final, Its Story And History

For those who are unversed, let us tell you, Argentina beat European team on Penalties after the match ended with 3-3. The game was held at Qatar’s Lusail Stadium on December 18, 2022.

It was the first time for the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner to won the World Cup. After his victory, the player took to his social media platform Instagram to celebrate the big moment with his fans and followers.

The 35-year-old captioned the post as “CHAMPIONS OF THE WORLD.” His post broke the record of most liked post on social media ever.

Coming back to the question about why Messi was wearing a red ribbon which had left his fans confused, let us tell you, As per the explanation given by Sport Bible, the red ribbon is a lucky charm which has a heartfelt story behind.

The red ribbon of Messi which was seen wearing on his ankle was gifted to him by an Argentinian journalist, Rama Pantarotto during World Cup 2018 in Russia when Messi missed a penalty against Iceland in a group stage game.


The ribbon was belonged to the journalists’ mother. The reporter told the footballer that “My mum loves you more than she loves me, I carry her red ribbon for good luck. If you want it, I can give it to you.”

Messi was even seen wearing that red ribbon on his left ankle in the finals of 2018 group stage against Nigeria in which the player scored the goal.

After Messi was seen wearing the ribbon on his ankle, a footage of the reporter had found its way online in which the reporter seemed to be all emotional.


The reporter who is almost in tears seemed to be saying, “Mum… Messi wore it.”

For those who are unversed, let us tell you, back in 2019, Messi gave a red ribbon to his Barcelona teammate Philippe Countinho as a good luck charm who reportedly still wears it even in 2022.

The good luck gesture bracelet was seen wearing on the star’s wrist when he signed to Aston Villa. However, the player isn’t the only one who was spotted wearing the good luck charm.

The players likes of Lautaro Martinez, Paulo Dybala, Rodrigo de Paul, Angel di Maria and Emiliano Martinez all have caught wearing reb ribbons either on their wrists or ankles.


The red ribbon seemed to led the PSG star to his first FIFA World Cup victory and now the star is celebrating his biggest moment ever.

In the post shows player holding up the championship trophy on the pitch which has now become the most liked post on internet.

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