Who is YouTuber Shubham Kumar who claimed he was denied entry into a bar in Israel, biography and age

Who is YouTuber Shubham Kumar who claimed he was denied entry into a bar in Israel, biography and age

Travel blogger Shubham Kumar just returned from a trip to Gaza and Israel

His videos created tension among the two countries.

Travel blogger Shubham Kumar travelled to Israel and Gaza and shared footage of his explorations and nightlife there.

Who is Indian YouTuber Shubham Kumar who claimed he was denied entry into a bar in Israel, biography and age

Calling the viral video of the Indian YouTuber, showing that he was denied entry into an Israeli bar fake news and propoganda, the Israeli Embassy in India urged people to fact-check such news.

22-year-old Shubham Kumar is a well-known YouTuber and social media influencer who has more than two million subscribers. He has recently shared multiple videos in which he was seen exploring and enjoying nightlife. In 2019, he uploaded the video “Introduction Video. How I Started Travelling???” on YouTube.

He has travelled to Egypt, Mexico, Russia, and France. With over 13 million views, his “Local Market (Haat) of AFRICA” video became viral. Kumar’s videos receive thousands of views because of his massive fan base. In December 2022, he shared numerous videos about his trip to Japan.

Israeli Embassy on Shubham Kumar’s viral video

The Israeli Embassy responded to alleged hate speech directed at Indians by Shubham. It advised people to verify information before believing any false information or propaganda, since hate speech instances are increasing in the wake of the Gaza Strip conflict and the tensions between Iran and Israel.


The Israeli Embassy in India called the widely shared video of an Indian YouTuber being turned away from an Israeli bar “fake news” and “propaganda,” emphasising that Israel loves its Indian brothers and sisters and will not tolerate hate speech.


“While a sliced video of fake news and propaganda circulates, we want to address a few points: Israelis, like Indians, come in all different colours. The video clearly shows people of all colours enjoying a beer in bars. We love our Indian brothers and sisters and we will not listen to the hate speech being viciously spread,” the Israeli embassy wrote.

Shubham Kumar’s response

In a video, YouTuber Shubham Kumar made it clear that there were a large number of people in the bars and clubs. Shubham remarked, “I couldn’t even get a seat.”

As per Shubham, he never claimed that being Indian was the only reason Israeli clubs wouldn’t let him in. Shubham revealed that everyone parties in Israel on Thursday so the places are generally crowded.


India’s diplomatic position on the Israel-Palestine conflict has changed over time. India continues to support a two-state solution with Israel and Palestine as good neighbours as part of its official stance on the Israel-Palestine conflict.

Furthermore, India has called for a quick de-escalation, urged all sides to exhibit patience, stop from violence, and return to diplomatic negotiations. It has also raised worries over Israel-Iran tensions and emphasised the threat to peace and security in the area.

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