Who is YouTuber James Phyrillas of Schaffrillas Productions as brother dies in car accident, his age, girlfriend

Who is YouTuber James Phyrillas of Schaffrillas Productions as brother dies in car accident, his age, girlfriend

A tragic vehicle accident reportedly occurred on Sunday, January 29, 2023, leaving James Phyrillas, creator of the YouTube channel Schaffrillas Productions, in critical condition, know the age and girlfriend of James

James’s brother Patrick Phyrillas and his friend Chris Schaffer were both killed in the accident that occurred in Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley.

Who is YouTuber James Phyrillas of Schaffrillas Productions as brother dies in car accident, his age, girlfriend and real name

Chris Schaffer’s girlfriend and fiancee is Amber Amin and the couple met through mutual friends more than a year ago, and started dating last fall. She is going to school to get her doctorate and has created a GoFundMe campaign to support his family.

The unfortunate news was announced by a Twitter account representing the Schaffrillas editing staff. Fans of the Schaffrillas quickly began expressing their sadness and sending well wishes for James’s recovery once the news broke.

Jess or Lavender Whaley the girlfriend of 25 year old James has revealed he’s conscious and recovering.

James is conscious according to his girlfriend from Schaffrillas

Patrick and Chris were 22 and 25, respectively, according to their Twitter account. With 1.66 million subscribers, James, Patrick, and Chris’s channel goes by the name Schaffrillas.

Analyses, parodies of the popular cartoon series SpongeBob, “YouTube Poops,” and anime music videos set to songs from the musical theatre can all be found on their channel.


The deaths of James Phyrillas, and two other members of Schaffrillas Productions have left fans reeling. Their followers were left in absolute disbelief after @PerfectCutPoop tweeted the news of the vehicle accident and the awful deaths of Chris and Patrick.

A number of supporters have expressed their willingness to help with any fundraising efforts related to medical expenses, burial costs, or other financial obligations that may arise in the wake of the tragedy, while others have expressed their continued disbelief.

Who is to blame for the Lehigh Valley vehicle crash?

Upper Macungie Township police say the accident happened at 4:02 pm on Route 222 and Folk Road. James Phyrillas, Chris, and Patrick were in their automobile when it was struck by a commercial tractor-trailer as it travelled south on Folk Road and attempted to cross Hamilton Boulevard. They were both travelling east on Hamilton Boulevard.

Reports indicated that the intersection’s traffic light had been disabled due to ongoing construction. Both individuals in the vehicle were declared dead at the scene, according to coroner Daniel Buglio.

Autopsy report comes out in the accident case

According to the autopsy reports, both Chris and Patrick died from head trauma. But Upper Macungie Police Department handled the investigation of the collision. The trucker was also sent to the hospital for examination.

Some viewers claimed that the James Phyrillas, his brother and Schaffer were among their favourite YouTubers, while others wondered if the announcement was a joke. Learning of Chris’s and Patrick’s deaths devastated them. Many people had sympathy for James, the only survivor of the crash, because they had been in similar situations. A Twitter user claimed he reviewed the incident data and explained how a traffic light may have prevented the collision.


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