Who is wrestler Kasey Huffman who owns trademark of the Jey Uso catchphrase Yeet

Who is wrestler Kasey Huffman who owns trademark of the Jey Uso catchphrase Yeet

Here is all you need to know about Kasey Huffman, the wrestler who owns the trademark of yeet

The new “Yeet” catchphrase by Jey Uso hasn’t been used much lately. It appears that copyright concerns have caused WWE to have difficulties when using the phrase. The wrestler who registered the term as a trademark has been identified.

Who is wrestler Kasey Huffman who owns trademark of the Jey Uso WWE catchphrase Yeet

Since WWE Fastlane, Jey Uso has used the tagline numerous times. However, the recent fan favourite, “yeet,” is no longer allowed to be spoken by WWE’s Jey Uso. The famous Samoan wrestler will apparently no longer be able to use the humorous slogan due to copyright infringement difficulties.

Recently, Wrestle Ops tweeted the actual cause and the individual who stole Jey Uso’s joyous words. The post read:

Kasey Huffman, a pro-wrestler out of West Virginia, has owned the trademark to the word “Yeet” since 2021.”


Wrestler Kasey Huffman filed for trademarks for “Yeet” and “Yeet Movement” in 2021, presumably in relation to entertainment services involving professional wrestling. Since October 2022, the “Yeet” application has been halted.

WWE consequently never submitted to trademark “Yeet,” even after Uso began using it. It appears that the business is removing itself from the word because of trademark issues.

Who is Kasey Huffman?

Kasey Huffman is an American professional wrestler who was born in September 30, 1995. The 28-year-old works for ASW (All-Star Wrestling), an organisation based in Madison, West Virginia.” He belongs from Boone County, West Virginia, United States.


He competes as The Leader of the #YEET Movement, or Huffmanly. He has always been an enthusiast of professional wrestling.

Who are Kasey Huffman’s parents?

There is no information about who are Kasey Huffman’s parents. He has also not revealed about if he has any siblings or is the only child of his parents.

Who is Kasey Huffman dating?

There is no information about Kasey Huffman’s relationship. It is not known if he is dating someone or is single. The wrestler has not been linked to anyone publicly.

What is Kasey Huffman’s net worth?

There is no confirmation about Kasey Huffman’s official net worth.