Who is weightlifter Arshia Goswami, biography, age, weight, parents, school and record

Who is weightlifter Arshia Goswami, biography, age, weight, parents, school and record

Here is all you need to know about Arshia Goswami, the young child who loves to weightlift and explore new things in life along with her biography, age and parents

Arshia Goswami recently, in March, posted a video of herself performing an incredible 70 kg Sumo deadlift on her Instagram account. The young girl’s remarkable abilities have been widely praised by online users, demonstrating the immense potential that she possesses.

The video went viral on social and people couldn’t stop talking about her power.

Who is weightlifter Arshia Goswami, biography, age, weight, parents, school, Instagram and record

Goswami exemplifies the inquisitive and active personality typical of youngsters her age, with her life full of fascinating activities and the special responsibility of managing an Instagram account.

She distinguishes herself from her peers with her infectious excitement for trying new things. Like most eight-year-olds, she is a sparkling ball of energy who becomes enthralled by something new every five minutes.

Although she finds the process enjoyable and sees the weights as toys, many have been moved by her strength and determination.


Who is Arshia Goswami?

Arshia Goswami is a very young, a nine year old internet personality from Panchkula, Haryana, who loves to do different things. She gives the impression of being just another schoolgirl because of her bubbly demeanour and curiosity about new things. She is currently in class 4.

According to the India Book of Records, her personal best of 60 kg lifted is an Asian record for her age, where she weighs just 25 kg. She was 6 years, 11 months, and 27 days old when she accomplished the remarkable 45 kg lift and the formal confirmation date of this was December 28, 2021.

Arshia’s ability to lift weights, which she primarily does at her father’s gym in Sector-25 Panchkula, sets her apart from other students.

Avnish Kumar Goswami is a certified fitness trainer and he revealed that Arshia eats only home-cooked healthy food and has never had a taste of chocolate in her entire life.


Arshia has around 733k followers on her Instagram account where she posts several videos of herself weightlifting. When she is not weightlifting or working out, she loves go out or do other activity.


Two of the most well-known fitness brands in India, MuscleBlaze and Jerai Fitness, are her sponsors.

Who are Arshia Goswami’s parents?

Arshia Goswami’s father is Avnish Goswami who owns a gym in Sector-25 Panchkula, who is a fitness freak himself