Who is vtuber Pikamee, age, height, real face, voice, YouTube channel, Reddit

Who is vtuber Pikamee, age, height, real face, voice, YouTube channel, Reddit

Well-known virtual YouTuber Pikamee has been in the news because she recently announced her graduation or retirement, know if she has ever done a real face reveal

Popular VTuber Pikamee, who broadcasts in English for her audience, has stopped all of her activities and declared graduation, or what we call retirement.

On Wednesday, March 1, 2023, a pre-recorded video of her in her bedroom speaking straight to the camera was uploaded to the VTuber’s official YouTube website. She praises VOMS and her fans for their support before announcing that she would no longer be participating in any platform-related activities.

Who is vtuber Pikamee, age, height, real face, voice, YouTube channel and Reddit

While she didn’t give any reason behind this sudden step, her followers believe that this is because she was harassed for wanting to play Hogwarts Legacy.

Earlier in February, when the famous VTuber indicated an interest in playing Hogwarts Legacy, there was almost instantly negative feedback. Pikamee replied in response to the online remarks that she wanted to play the game but that she wasn’t necessarily supporting anything else by doing so.

It didn’t stop the online bullying, though, and according to Pikamee’s fan following, she ended up quitting the whole affair. Due to her shocking step, she has become a trending topic of discussion, with many people trying to find out more about her. So, here’s what we know about her.

No one has yet cracked Pikamee’s true identity as she hasn’t shown her face to the rest of the world since she first appeared on YouTube.

Specifications Details
Name Amano Pikamee
Birthday July 13
Age 20-30
Gender Female
Nationality Japanese
Profession Youtuber
Twitter @amanopikamee
Youtube Pikamee
Character Designer Illustration:GYARI (Main)

Shiratama (Isekai)

Affiliation VOMS Project
Gender Female
Zodiac Sign Cancer

Who is Pikamee?

Pikamee is a well-known Japanese virtual YouTuber and an internet personality. She has been in the news because she declared her graduation or retirement from her VTuber career.


She was employed with the VOMS Project. The VOMS Project was established in September 2019 by GYARI (also known as Cocoa Cigarette-P or Hagari Hajime), a Vocaloid singer and producer.

During a period of recruiting and a series of auditions, VOMS started creating a range of material with various characters, including Amano Pikamee.

Age. 20-30 ; Birthday. 13 July ; Height. 135 cm (4’5″) ; Zodiac Sign. Cancer


Although Pikamee’s account was set up in February 2020, she didn’t start broadcasting until March 2020 on YouTube. She publishes a variety of stuff, from live streams of well-known video games like Grand Theft Auto to thank-you notes in her own posts. She had reached 300,000 subscribers by November 2020. At the moment, she has more than 600,000 members.

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