Who is Victoria Monaghan first transgender woman darts player, bio, age, wife, gender

Who is Victoria Monaghan first transgender woman darts player, bio, age, wife, gender

Here is all you need to know about Victoria Monaghan, the first-ever transgender woman’s player in darts 

At the World Darts Federation World Darts Championship in England early next year, a darts player from New Zealand will become the first transgender woman to compete.

Who is Victoria Monaghan first transgender woman darts player, bio, age, family, wife, gender

Victoria Monaghan won the New Zealand Open after a fierce contest late last month. On Saturday, December 2, the 51-year-old made her debut at the tournament in a historic development for the darts sport.


She bravely chose to come out as transgender in 2019 and, upon returning to the sport two years later, contacted the New Zealand darts body. With her participation in the competition held at the Lakeside Country Club in July 2022, Monaghan proceeded to shatter barriers after winning the New Zealand Open championship. She faced Suzanne Smith in the opening round, but she lost 2-0.

Who is Victoria Monaghan?

Victoria Monaghan is the first ever transgender woman to play darts. The 51-year-old was born in Luton the United Kingdom but moved to South Africa in 1984, a report tells in Daily Mail. She then started playing professionally.

Who is Victoria Monaghan married to and how many kids does she have?

Yes, Victoria Monaghan got married but we don’t know who she was married to, however, she did reveal that she met her wife in United Kindgom and the two got married in 2006. She has welcomed two children. We don’t know their names as of now. The pair got divorced in 2012.

Who are Victoria Monaghan’s parents?

Victoria Monaghan has kept her private life out of the limelight hence, the internet is not aware of her parent’s names. However, she Victoria did acknowledge the fans that her father used to play darts with her, a report in metro.co.uk, tells. Victoria, as per the outlet, told:


I grew up in a strict house. I was taught never to show emotion, so it was really difficult to express myself.

She further told:

My dad really did rule the house with an iron fist. If he didn’t like something, he would let everyone know about it. I watched him sort people out just for having a different point of view to him.”

Victoria’s father passed away in 2018. It has not been disclosed if she has any siblings.

What is Victoria Monaghan’s net worth?

Victoria Monaghan has not disclosed her official net worth.