Who is Uncle T who allegedly funded Michigan Connor Stalions sign stealing scheme

Who is Uncle T who allegedly funded Michigan Connor Stalions sign stealing scheme

With the investigations surrounding the sign-stealing scandal in Michigan still underway, the identity of a mystery booster, labelled ‘Uncle T’ has continued to elude investigators, sparking all sorts of speculations

According to a report from Dan Wetzel and Ross Dellenger of Yahoo Sports, Uncle T was the source of funding behind the sign-stealing scandal.

Who is Uncle T who allegedly funded Michigan State University Connor Stalions sign stealing scheme



Speculations surrounding the identity of “Uncle T” have included names like Michigan booster Tim Smith and NFL legend Tom Brady.

Michigan sign-stealing scandal

The Michigan sign-stealing scandal involves a recruiting analyst for the Michigan Wolverines, by the name of Connor Stalions, at the center of it all. According to reports, the Stalions traveled across the nation to scout different Michigan opponents at different games. According to the rules of the Big Ten’s sportsmanship policy, such acts are restricted because the scouting took place in person. As a result, the team suspended him without pay on October 20. However, he later resigned on November 3 after refusing to comply with the NCAA’s investigation.

The mystery behind the identity of “Uncle T”

Earlier this week, the NCAA reportedly found documents linking a booster named “Uncle T” to Connor Stalions’ scouting ring.  As of now, the identity of “Uncle T” remains a mystery, as investigations into the scandal are still underway. The reports indicate that “Uncle T” helped fund Stalions’ efforts in the sign-stealing scandal. The unidentified person reportedly gave “thousands of dollars” to help keep it going.


In the same report, the NCAA also states about finding evidence that showed how an assistant coach destroyed important computer evidence just shortly after the details of the scandal originally became public. Now, reports have revealed that the said assistant coach was identified as linebackers coach Chris Patridge. The report further states that while Partridge was not aware of Stalions’ role in the scouting, he still destroyed all the related evidence when the news about the scandal broke out. As a result of his actions, Michigan fired Partridge early in the day on Friday.

Speculations about the identity of “Uncle T”

With the investigations still underway, all kinds of speculations have been thrown around regarding the identity of “Uncle T”. The NCAA has called several people into question, all of whom have denied any involvement. Amongst these suspects is a Michigan booster named Tim Smith, who has denied his involvement in funding the Stalions’ sign-stealing scheme. Smith stated:

I can give you good news. I don’t recognize being known as ‘Uncle T’ and I will refute that myself. I never funded Connor. To say I knew him is perhaps overstating it. I said hi to him. I’ve spoken to him more since he left Michigan to make sure the young man is OK.”


Smith went on to claim that Stalions funded the sign-stealing himself by selling a house for over $100,000. He shared how he feels both he and the Stalions are being “thrown under the bus” as a “fall guy.” Reportedly, Smith, who is a member of the Champions Circle, “the school’s name, image, and likeness collective,” was dismissed on Friday. According to the group, they dismissed him:

because they said that this could bring bad light to other members of the Champions Circle.”

Another speculated name behind the identity of “Uncle T” is NFL legend and former Michigan quarterback Tom Brady. Various speculations have come upon Tom Brady as the investigations are still underway. However, Wetzel quickly shushed that rumor and stated on X:

“I can report, along with Ross Dellenger, that Michigan booster “Uncle T” is not Tom Brady.”

“Carry on.”

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