Who is Umesh Pal: Biography, age, death date, family, wife, photo and case

Who is Umesh Pal: Biography, age, death date, family, wife, photo and case

Gangster Atiq Ahmed and his brother Ashraf Ahmed were shot dead in Prayagraj, know who is Umesh Pal and his death date

Atiq and his goons terrorised the state of Uttar Pradesh by regularly killing, blackmailing, extorting, and engaging in other activities in the state. One of them was the late Umesh Pal. Know who he was?

On Friday, Atiq Ahmed confessed to his crime of killing lawyer Umesh Pal and hatching the murder from inside the prison. The next day he and his brother were shot dead in an open fire by three people. The criminals were taken for medical checkups in Prayagraj. 

Who is Umesh Pal murdered by Atiq and Asad Ahmed: Biography, age, death date, family, wife, photo and case

During the 2005 murder trial of Raju Pal, a leader of the Bahujan Samak Party (BSP), Umesh Pal was a key witness. Umesh confessed that he was kidnapped by Atiq on February 28, 2006, after he rejected his offer to stand by Atiq’s demands.

On February 24, 2023, Atiq and his clans killed Pal in broad daylight, along with his two police security guards, outside his home in Prayagraj.

In his first election, BSP leader Raju Pal defeated Khalid Azim, the younger brother of former MP Atiq Ahmed, for the Allahabad assembly seat. 2005 saw the murder of Raju Pal, who was assassinated one month after the election.


A report claims that Guddu Muslim received Rs. 8 lakhs from Ahmed years ago when he was sick and in poor health. Umesh Pal was assassinated with explosives by Guddu Muslim in retaliation for Ahmed’s hold.

Umesh Pal was an Indian lawyer and politician, who was shot and killed in UP.
Date of Birth: 20 January
Place of Death: Dhoomanganj, Prayagraj
Date of Death: 24 February 2023
Death Cause: Murder

Wife/Spouse: Jaya Pal (homemaker)


Ahmed Confessed His Hinious Crime As He Planned Killing While In Jail

Atiq Ahmed admitted that the murderous plot was conceived while he was being held in the Sabarmati jail. Ahmed has explicitly said that he instructed his wife to set up a SIM card and a mobile phone. 

All the information on the money, the weapons, and the people involved in the operation to assassinate Umesh Pal was given to Aasad and Shaista when he and his brother Ashraf were both in jail. 

On Thursday, Asad, the son of Atiq Ahmed, was shot dead along with Gulam in Jhansi during an altercation. A reward of Rs. 5 lakhs is attached to each of their heads. 

The Uttar Pradesh Government Orders A Probe

Mr Yogi Adityanath, the chief minister of Uttar Pradesh, presided over a high-level meeting shortly after the deaths of Atiq Ahmed and Ashraf. He gave state police personnel instructions to uphold peace and order in the state. A three-person judicial commission was established by the chief minister to investigate the killings.


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