Who is UFC octagon girl Brookliyn Wren, bio, age, height and Instagram

Who is UFC octagon girl Brookliyn Wren, bio, age, height and Instagram

Age 29 Brookliyn Wren is a model and UFC octagon girl

Find out more about her and her career.

For fans of mixed martial arts across the globe, this weekend is historic as the UFC makes its eagerly awaited comeback with UFC 300, which is scheduled to take place at the legendary T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas.

Fans excitedly anticipate the arrival of the well-known octagon chicks, who will add to the spectacle of the octagon as it gets ready to host some of the most exciting fights of the decade. Amidst the buzz surrounding this historic card, all eyes will be on the octagon as it showcases the prowess of fighters from around the globe.

The anticipation is palpable, with both casual viewers and hardcore MMA aficionados alike eagerly awaiting the electrifying matchups, culminating in a captivating light-heavyweight title bout.

Who is UFC octagon girl and model Brookliyn Wren, bio, age, height and Instagram

However, during this extravagant event in Sin City, people are interested in finding out which glitzy octagon beauties will be there. Among them is the renowned American model Brookliyn Wren, who is sure to wow spectators with her indisputable charm and grace.


Since then, Brookliyn has become a trending topic of discussion with many people trying to learn more about her. So, let’s find out everything about her:

Who is Brookliyn Wren?


Brookliyn Wren is an American model and a renowned Octagon model. She has been in the news because she will be one of the captivating octagon girls at the UFC 300’s historic event.

She was born on 22nd December 1994 in Anchorage, AK. Having demonstrated her charm and self-assurance, she entered beauty pageants at an early age. She signed with her first modeling agency at the age of 13 after attracting the interest of modeling scouts. The 29 year old has a height of 1.78m.

At the age of 14, Brookliyn Wren’s modeling career sent her to New York, where she started a promising career in the fashion world. She made headlines as a signed model throughout the years, earning praise for her captivating appearance and adaptable skill.


At the age of 22, she made the decision to become a UFC octagon girl, which was a big change in her professional trajectory. Since then, Brookliyn has consistently contributed to UFC events as a respected presence, bringing a touch of class and vigor to the octagon.

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