Who is Twitch streamer Samy “Rivers” Rivera, bio, age, height, real name, net worth

Who is Twitch streamer Samy “Rivers” Rivera, bio, age, height, real name, net worth

Have a look at the age and height of Twitch streamer Rivers

As the gaming and streaming community wraps up another eventful year, the Esports Awards 2023 took center stage in Las Vegas on November 30.

Among the highly anticipated categories, the Streamer of the Year award drew attention, featuring prominent figures in the industry. Noteworthy nominations included Felix “xQc” and Kai Cenat, but the victor, following in the footsteps of last year’s winner Ibai Llanos, emerged from the Hispanic community—Mexican streamer and YouTuber Samy “Rivers” Rivera.

Who is Twitch streamer Samy “Rivers” Rivera, bio, age, height, real name and net worth

The Esports Awards 2023, known for hosting premier esports and gaming events, continued its tradition of honoring outstanding individuals in the content creator community.

Who is  Samy “Rivers” Rivera?

Rivers clinched the Streamer of the Year award, adding another accolade to her growing list. For those unfamiliar with Rivers, the 25-year-old Spanish-speaking Twitch streamer boasts a remarkable rise to Twitch stardom, currently ranking among the top 10 most followed Spanish-speaking streamers with an impressive 5.6 million followers.


Her followers often call her “la pelos del elote” (the corn hair) and she’s 1.64 m tall, although she often says jokingly she’s 1.5 m. Samy Rivera, a renowned TikTok star based in Mexico, is projected to have a net worth ranging between $100,000 and $1 million.

Her journey to success accelerated, reaching 100K followers in October 2021 and doubling that figure by February 2022. Over the subsequent 21 months, her follower count skyrocketed, reflecting one of the platform’s most rapid growth trajectories.


Initially centered around Call of Duty content, Rivers transitioned to the “Just Chatting” category and explored various games like Minecraft and Fortnite. Winning her first Esports Award marks a crowning achievement in Rivers’ career.

Expressing her excitement and gratitude on her X account, she said, “What a crazy year! Thank you for all these experiences that have marked my life forever. Thank you for allowing me to live my dream. The best year of my life without a doubt. Thank you, thank you, thank you for so much.”

News of Rivers’ Esports Awards victory quickly went viral, sparking reactions and discussions despite her not being the most familiar face to non-Spanish speaking audiences.

Beyond gaming, Rivers holds influence as the owner of one of the 12 teams in the widely acclaimed King’s and Queen’s Football Leagues—PIO FC.


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