Who is transgender cyclist Lesley Mumford, bio, age, gender, cycling career

Who is transgender cyclist Lesley Mumford, bio, age, gender, cycling career

On Sunday, transgender cyclist Lesley Mumford made history by clinching first place in the 100-mile Desert Gravel Race, know her age and biological gender

However, this win came with a lot of criticism. The full story is in the article below.

Who is Lesley Mumford? Transgender cyclist heavily criticised after winning the women’s race

Despite winning the first position, transgender cyclist Lesley Mumford is currently facing backlash for her win at the Desert Gravel Race.

The Backlash Faced By Lesley Mumford

In the 40-49 age group, Mumford finished 17 minutes ahead of second-place finisher Lindsey Kriete and approximately 30 minutes ahead of third-place finisher Michelle Van Sickle. 

In the women’s division, she came in sixth place overall. Mumford received strong criticism for declining to enter the non-binary division.

Mumford, who won her category after battling 43 other ladies, posted a picture of herself standing alone on the platform because the second-and third-place winners were absent. 

She shared the post with the caption, “I don’t know why so many people left before the podiums, but they did. I swore there were others in my age range, too.”


The other competitors’ silent protest against trans athletes competing in women’s sports was perceived as the reason they were not present on the podium.

Who is transgender cyclist Lesley Mumford, bio, age, biological gender, cycling career

Lesley Mumford, a transgender cyclist who has been in police enforcement for 17 years, was born in 1977. As per the reports, she transitioned herself in April 2017. The 46 year old is a biological male.

Her statement to the Park Record claims that she made her transitional decision in 2014. In 2018, Mumford became the first trans person to be admitted to the FBI Academy in Virginia.

On May 14, Mumford won the 40–49 age group of the 2023 Desert Gravel Co2Ut (Colorado to Utah) race. 

On May 21, 2023, she won the 100-mile Desert Gravel Race. She stood alone on the podium because her rivals left during the medal celebration.


According to the reports, Lindsey Kriete said she had no idea she had placed second in her age group behind transgender racer Lesley Mumford and had left the competition to go enjoy a beer and some food with friends.

Michelle Van Sickle, who came in third but did not place on the podium, lagged the winner by 33 seconds.

Megyn Kelly’s Response To Lesley Mumford’s Alone Win

After SiriusXM host Megyn Kelly reprimanded her transgender rival for boasting about being the only one on the platform, Kriete made the remark.

Kelly implied that Mumford was transitioning to be more competitive by referring to him as “a biological man” who was “pretending to be a woman” and who was Wesley Mumford until “two minutes ago.”

The entire event surprised Kriete, who explained that she was unaware of her position in the race until she was contacted by the media.

Those who oppose trans women doing athletics contend that going through male puberty makes them stronger and more muscular.

Hormone suppression therapy is promoted as a way to level the playing field, but the research on its effectiveness is still in its infancy, and it has come under fire for being too compassionate towards trans women.


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