Who is TikTok star Salah Brooks accused of s*xual assault, bio, age, parents, YouTube and drama

Who is TikTok star Salah Brooks accused of s*xual assault, bio, age, parents, YouTube and drama

A social media user recently went public, claiming to have experienced s*xual assault at the hands of TikTok personality age 24 Salah Brooks

With the accusations gaining momentum online, the internet influencer has opted to disable the comment section on her TikTok account.

Who is TikTok star Salah Brooks accused of s*xual assault, bio, age, parents, YouTube and controversy drama

Social Media User’ Claims

In a recent TikTok revelation, user @msgingersnapqueen shared an encounter with Salah Brooks at a “bus commune,” where the influencer spun tales that the TikTok user believed to be untrue.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, the user claimed that Brooks then asked if she could perform a certain action, a request that was declined. Despite the explicit refusal, Brooks purportedly persisted in doing as she pleased.


When confronted about the lack of consent, Brooks allegedly dismissed the matter, responding with laughter. The TikTok user claimed that Salah Brooks and her then-partner Theo Goff allegedly encouraged fans to visit their communal space, implying intimacy in exchange.

The user further asserted that Brooks and Goff would reportedly request 18 and 19-year-olds to sign Non-Disclosure Agreements (NDAs). Salah Brooks, reportedly 24 years old, allegedly approached the TikTok user with a similar request for an NDA, which the user declined.

Additionally, the TikTok user stated that other fans of Brooks had reached out, sharing comparable experiences of feeling exploited by the influencer.

Brooks’ Instagram

As per Salah Brooks’ official Instagram account, she boasts an impressive following of almost 400,000. Her bio discloses her current residence in Hawaii, although she originally hails from a bus located just 15 minutes south of the Austin, Texas airport in SESH park.


Brooks is an active member of a bus commune that offers individuals a space for personal growth and self-improvement through various activities such as farm stay assistance, gardening, general maintenance, and art projects.

Additionally, Salah Brooks manages her own YouTube channel, garnering over 25,000 subscribers. In a recent video titled “THIS is how you handle a breakup,” uploaded two months ago, she candidly shared her separation from Goff.

Brooks gained widespread online popularity by sharing her unique lifestyle of living on a bus. In 2020, she even released a song titled “Crazy.”

Reflecting on herself and the inspiration behind the track, she expressed on her website: “I don’t believe there’s been a single day in my life when someone hasn’t labeled me CRAZY. I used to feel compelled to conform to societal expectations for acceptance.”

Brooks’ Parents

In May 2021, the TikToker disclosed her orphan status, recounting her upbringing in foster care and subsequent experiences with homelessness after leaving. Nevertheless, as of the current writing, specific details regarding the passing of her parents remain undisclosed.


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