Who is the owner of Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers Lucknow and what is its history, company which made ornaments of Ram Lalla idol

Who is the owner of Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers Lucknow and what is its history, company which made ornaments of Ram Lalla idol

Know who is the owner of Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers Lucknow

In the heart of Ayodhya, a city steeped in centuries of spiritual resonance, the consecration of the Ram Mandir stands as a momentous occasion. Know about the designers behind the look of Lord Ram.

At the core of the Ram Mandir event is the exquisite portrayal of Lord Ram as a five-year-old child, adorned in resplendent attire meticulously crafted by talented designers, each contributing to the divine ensemble with profound cultural and scriptural significance.

Who is the owner of Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers Lucknow and what is its history, company which made ornaments of Ram Lalla mandir idol

Manish Tripathi, a textile designer based in Delhi, took on the task of bringing to life the divine garments adorning Lord Ram. Working from Ayodhya Dham, he embarked on a journey guided by the descriptions found in sacred scriptures such as Adhyatma Ramayana, Valmiki Ramayana, Ramcharitmanas, and Alavandar Stotra.

The result is a vibrant display of tradition with Ram Lalla draped in Banarasi fabric, wearing a yellow dhoti and a red pataka/angavastram.

The intricacies of Ram Lalla’s attire extend beyond fabric and color. Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers in Lucknow took on the responsibility of crafting the divine ornaments, drawing inspiration from Vaishnav symbols and scriptural traditions. The angavastram, embellished with pure gold zari, features symbols like Sankh, Padma, Chakra, and Mayur, symbolizing auspiciousness and divine grace. The meticulous craftsmanship of the jewelry adds a layer of spiritual significance to the entire ensemble.

Directors of Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers Private Limited are Mohit Anand, Ankur Anand and Chitra Anand.

Harsahaimal Shiamlal Jewellers (HSJ) is a leading brand of Uttar Pradesh in India. It started as a small 2000 sq ft shop in Badaun and in 1967 Mr.Anand Prakash joined the business and with his entry the business saw a diversification into the refrigeration business.

In 1980 Mrs. Chitra Anand, his wife also joined him and her educational qualifications brought in valuable inputs and a new vision statement. She gave the business a softer appeal. The clients who are mainly women built a wonderful rapport with her and they also grew the size of the showroom to 4000 sq ft.


In 1992 his son Mohit joined the business who is current main director. He revolutionized the business by bringing in new technologies and streamlining the organization and its processes. His younger brother Ankur joined him in 1996 and after doing their graduate gemmology and diamond grading courses from Gemological Institute of America (GIA )they brought in a lot of quality controls in the sourcing of diamonds and colored gemstones.

In 2004 they renovated the Badaun store into a modern 6000 sq ft. one and it was in 2005 that they felt the need for further expansion but this time to a different city to cater to the growing clientele in the entire region.

In 2007 HSJ opened its next new store in Bareilly and the store was the largest jewellery store in the North India with an area of 12000 sq.ft. Both their wives Ruchika and Kanupriya also started managing sales in the store.


HSJ was launched in Lucknow in Gomtinagar on 15th April 2017, being the largest of all the stores with an area of 20000 sq.ft., it became the most outstanding retail outlet anyone had ever seen in Lucknow and around.

The Ram lalla crown is a masterpiece crafted in the North Indian tradition. Made of gold and adorned with rubies, emeralds, and diamonds, it reflects the grandeur befitting the divine presence. The ‘kundal,’ following a similar design, is adorned with intricate peacock motifs, embodying grace and beauty.

Moving down, the Kantha, a crescent-shaped necklace studded with gems, adds a touch of elegance to Ram Lalla’s divine appearance. The Kaustubha Mani, positioned at his heart, follows a scriptural tradition associated with Lord Vishnu’s incarnations, symbolizing divine love and connection.

The Padika, a necklace with five strands made of diamonds and emeralds, encircles the area below the throat and above the navel, contributing to the overall opulence of the attire. The Vaijayanti or vijaymala, the third and largest necklace worn by Lord Ram is made of gold and intermittently studded with rubies, embodying victory and triumph.


The Kanchi, a waistband made of gold and adorned with diamonds, rubies, pearls, and emeralds, adds a touch of royalty to Ram Lalla’s appearance. The Bhujbandh armlets, studded with gold and precious stones, symbolize strength and power.

Even the smallest details are not overlooked – gem-studded Kangan and Mudrika bangles on both hands, Painjaniya anklets, and toe rings made of diamonds and rubies adorn Ram Lalla’s divine form. Every element is a testament to the designers’ dedication to bringing to life a vision deeply rooted in tradition and spirituality.

In Ram Lalla’s hands, a golden bow adorned with pearls, rubies, and emeralds is held on the left, while a golden arrow is clutched in the right.

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