Who is the Green Dress Girl as Benjamins Deli dance trend video goes viral on TikTok

Who is the Green Dress Girl as Benjamins Deli dance trend video goes viral on TikTok

This October, a Green Dress Girl has been trending on TikTok as the Benjamins Deli trend goes viral

Find out more about it.

TikTok has unquestionably altered the way we interact with and consume information on social media. This platform is notable for its capacity to generate a wide range of frequently bizarre trends. One noteworthy and fascinating phenomenon among these trends is the rise in popularity of “weird” dance styles.

Who is the Green Dress Girl and what is her name as Benjamins Deli dance trend video goes viral on TikTok

Similarly, one recent incident that has enthralled the internet community and sparked widespread speculation is the rise of the young lady who has become known as the “green dress girl.” As soon as her video started to go viral online, the girl in the green dress quickly became the talk of the town.


Her performance became an instant online sensation, going viral in a matter of seconds and taking the internet by storm. So, here’s what we know about it:

The Green Dress Girl trend explained

The “Green Dress Girl” or “Benjamins Deli” TikTok trend is a social media phenomenon that centers around an alluring dancing trend set to the remix of JRitt’s song “Benjamins Deli.” This remix cleverly combines “Deli” by Ice Spice and “All About the Benjamins” by Puff Daddy into a catchy groove.


The trend, which gained prominence in October 2023, is characterized by users starting with casual dance moves and then transitioning into more aggressive, energetic choreography when the music’s tempo changes.

This trend’s name, “Green Dress Girl,” comes from a TikTok video that @lxurend posted with her video viral now. With a captivating twerking performance set to the remix’s throbbing beat, a young woman wearing an eye-catching green dress takes center stage in this video.

Many viewers were drawn in by her enthralling performance, and many of them couldn’t resist commenting on how amazing her dancing skills were. This sparked conversations on the video’s significance and the buzz it generated on the site.


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