Who is the ex and new girlfriend of Chris Claybrooks as he’s arrested for assault

Who is the ex and new girlfriend of Chris Claybrooks as he’s arrested for assault

Chris Claybrooks, a defensive back for the Jacksonville Jaguars, was arrested over the weekend in Nashville after assaulting his ex-girlfriend while being with his new girlfriend

He is being charged with domestic assault with bodily harm and vandalism under $1,000. A report from Jacksonville.com says that he was arrested after a claimed incident with his ex-girlfriend.

The police report said that Claybrooks’s ex-girlfriend confronted him while he was with his current partner in the parking lot of a movie theatre. The ex-girlfriend is then said to have told Claybrooks’ current girlfriend that she was with him the night before and tried to show proof on her phone.


Claybrooks is said to have taken the phone at that point and thrown it to the ground. The unnamed lady reportedly got cuts and bruises because of what happened. Claybrooks was given a $2,500 bond and freed from jail. He is due back in court on May 1. The two charges against him are both minor offences. The names of both the women aren’t known.

In response to the incident, the Jacksonville Jaguars said, “The Jaguars are aware of a recent incident in Nashville involving Chris Claybrooks and are currently in the process of gathering information. We will have no further comment at this time.”


Chris Claybrooks’ assault charges could have consequences for NFL career

Claybrooks was picked in the seventh round of the NFL draught in 2020. Since then, he has made 73 stops. But his problems away from the game could now hurt his career in a big way.


Domestic abuse is a big problem in the NFL, and more people are talking about it now than ever before. The league has put in place a number of rules to deal with the problem, such as making offenders go to counselling and get help, and giving people who are found guilty of domestic violence harsh punishments.

Even though the charges against Claybrooks are only misdemeanours, they could still hurt his job in a big way. He could be suspended by the NFL, and he could also get in trouble with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

Assault Charges highlight ongoing issue in the NFL


This Chris Claybrooks event also shows how widespread domestic abuse is and how much more needs to be done to raise awareness and stop it. Every year, domestic violence affects millions of people, and it’s important for people, groups, and towns to do something about it.

Teams in the NFL have a duty to teach their players about domestic violence and give victims support and tools. The league also needs to keep taking a strong stand on this problem and work to make sure that everyone feels safe and respected.

Overall, the arrest of Chris Claybrooks is a reminder that domestic violence is still a problem and that more needs to be done in the NFL and elsewhere to avoid and deal with it.

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