Who is Tamil Nadu Governor ex-IPS RN Ravi biography, age, family, wife, education, cadre and birth place

Who is Tamil Nadu Governor ex-IPS RN Ravi biography, age, family, wife, education, cadre and birth place

Throughout his life, RN Ravi has exemplified the virtues of integrity, courage, and dedication, have a look at his family and wife

The story of R. N. Ravi serves as an inspiration to countless individuals, reminding us of the profound impact one can make through selfless service and unwavering commitment to the greater good.

Who is 15th Tamil Nadu Governor ex-IPS RN Ravi biography, age, family, wife, education, cadre and birth place

On Monday, February 12, 2024, Tamil Nadu Governor R. N. Ravi declined to read the traditional opening address of the Legislative Assembly session, citing certain portions he disagreed with on moral and factual grounds.

71-year-old Ravindera Narayan Ravi, widely known as R. N. Ravi, was born on April 3, 1952, in Patna. He is 5ft 7in tall.


His formative years were marked by a strong sense of duty and a passion for excellence. Ravi’s early education laid the foundation for his future endeavors, instilling in him the values of integrity, perseverance, and dedication.

After completing his schooling, he pursued higher education, eventually obtaining a post-graduate degree in Physics.

He shares his life with his wife, Lakshmi Ravi, and together, they have nurtured a loving and supportive family environment. Their children, including daughter Shamika Ravi, an esteemed economist have carved their paths of success, further enriching the family’s legacy of excellence. Ravi’s commitment to both his family and his nation exemplifies his balanced approach to life and his unwavering dedication to duty.


R.N. Ravi career

In 1976, R. N. Ravi joined the Indian Police Service, embarking on a journey dedicated to upholding law, order, and justice. Throughout his distinguished career, spanning several decades, he demonstrated exceptional leadership skills and an unwavering commitment to serving the nation.

With integrity as his guiding principle, Ravi navigated through various roles and responsibilities within the civil services, earning respect and admiration from colleagues and citizens alike.

After a commendable tenure in the Indian Police Service, R. N. Ravi retired in 2012, leaving behind a legacy of excellence and professionalism. However, retirement did not signal the end of his journey; instead, it marked the beginning of a new chapter.

Transitioning into the realm of governance and diplomacy, Ravi assumed roles of significant responsibility, including serving as the 18th Governor of Nagaland and later as the 15th Governor of Tamil Nadu. In these capacities, he continued to uphold the principles of justice, fairness, and accountability, leaving a lasting impact on the regions he served.

Despite his achievements, R. N. Ravi’s journey has not been without challenges. He faced controversies and legal battles throughout his career, demonstrating resilience and steadfastness in upholding his principles.


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