Who is Tama Tonga and what is his relation with Solo Sikoa, Roman Reigns and The Rock

Who is Tama Tonga and what is his relation with Solo Sikoa, Roman Reigns and The Rock

In the latest episode of SmackDown, Solo Sikoa shocked fans by introducing a surprise addition to the Bloodline alliance, Tama Tonga, have a look at his relation with Roman Reigns and The Rock

For the unfamiliar, Solo Sikoa introduces none other than a foundational figure from the Bullet Club, Tama Tonga. The 41-year-old foundational figure Tonga made a dramatic entrance as he targeted Jimmy Uso, seemingly ejecting him from the Bloodline’s ranks.

Who is wrestler Tama Tonga and what is his relation with Solo Sikoa, Roman Reigns and The Rock

Although Tonga lacks direct blood ties to Solo Sikoa, Jey and Jimmy Uso, The Rock, or Roman Reigns, he holds a familial bond through his adoptive father and uncle, WWE legendary wrestler Haku.

Tonga is the nephew and adopted son of professional wrestler Haku and his real name is Tama Tonga Aloisio Leone. He is also the adoptive brother of wrestler Tevita and his maternal aunt, Tonga Fifita, adopted him and his blood brother Taula, making him part of the Fifita family and while the legendary Anoa’i family didn’t raise him, he is considered a part of their family.

He does not share the same bloodline as Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson or Roman Reigns but they consider his father, Haku, their uncle and he represents the Tangan lineage.


This connection, as detailed by an MLW star and Reign’s cousin, Lance Anoa’I, is rooted in their shared island culture, emphasizing the importance of solidarity within their culture and community.

In his statement, Lance Anoa’I explained that, “Not by blood. We consider him, every time I see Haku, he’s my uncle, lot of respect for…I believe it’s just more like the island culture. We’re all from the South Pacific, so the islanders just stick together, man. It’s just one breed.”

About Tama Tonga

For the unversed, Tama Tonga came into the limelight during his tenure in New Japan Pro-wrestling as a pivotal member of the Bullet Club faction. His connection with the WWE superstars like Finn Balor, Luke Gallows, and Karl Anderson, who also belonged to the same table, is widely known.


Tonga was anticipated to make his transition to WWE following WrestleMania XL with his notable stint as a 4-time NEVER Open-weight Champion. Tonga’s departure from New Japan Pro-wrestling concluded at the New Beginning on January 24, awaiting his debut with the Stamford-bases organization.

Renowned for his awe-inspiring in-ring skills, Tonga’s training under the WWE Hall of Fames superstars such as The Dudley Boyz, alongside WCW and WWE icon Ricky Santana, as well as his father Haku, has garnered admiration throughout his career. Now, he stands poised to exhibit his talents within the WWE arena.


Let us remind you, that several months ago, Roman Reigns anointed the title of ‘Tribal Heir’ on Solo Sikoa. However, the SmackDown star has been caught with challenges, marked by a worrying string of losses after his victory over WWE superstar icon John Cena at the Crown Jewel on November 4th.

Now, it will be really fun to see how the story pans out as Solo Sikoa seems to be leading The Bloodline. Meanwhile, Roman Reigns is taking his off after Cody Rhodes ended his 1,316-day reign.

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