Who is strongman Tom Stoltman, bio, age, height, parents, brother, wife and net worth

Who is strongman Tom Stoltman, bio, age, height, parents, brother, wife and net worth

Here is all you need to know about strongman Tom Stoltman including his age, career, bio and net worth

After a thrilling competition held in Myrtle Beach, the 2024 World’s Strongest Man has been crowned and it was not a new face again. British phenom Tom Stoltman grabbed his third championship in four years with an amazing performance.

Stoltman, who had won his group in the qualifying round, continued his impressive play in the championship match.

Stoltman continued to build on his three-point lead on Saturday, finishing first in the Atlas Stones (five stones in 38.14 seconds, 10 points), second in the Terrain Deadlift (8.5 points per rep), and third in the Conan’s Wheel (777 degrees, eight points).

Who is strongman Tom Stoltman, bio, age, height, family, parents, brother, wife and net worth

Now that he has finished first or second in the last five World’s Strongest Man competitions, fans are curious to know more about him, his professional and personal life, let us have a look.

Who is Tom Stoltman?

Tom Ryan Stoltman aka Tom Stoltman is a British strongman competitor who was born on May 30, 1994 in Invergordon, Scotland. The 29-year-old stands 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m) and weighs 185 kg (408 lb).

Tom Stoltman pulled a massive 1102.3 lb (500 kg) 18-inch deadlift in training back in 2023.


He did his schooling from Newmore Primary School and entered Invergordon Academy in the Scottish Highlands.

A look at Tom Stoltman’s career

It all started after he was inspired by his elder brother who exposed him to the world of strongman very early. As a result, he started training for it in gym at just 16. After a year, he was showing so much potential that his older brother decided to take on the role of mentor and assist with his strongman training.

Tom Stoltman is a three time World’s Strongest Man champion winning it in 2021, 2022, and 2024. He also clinched the title of Britain’s Strongest Man in those same years. Because of his extended arm reach, Stoltman earned the moniker “The Albatross” and is well-known for his proficiency with the Atlas Stones.

In 2020, Stoltman broke the world record for the fastest time to lift five Atlas stones (light set), which weigh between 200 and 400 lb (100–180 kg), in less than 16.01 seconds. Additionally, he holds the record for the largest Atlas stone ever lifted, which was carried over a 1.22 m (4.0 ft) bar weighing 286 kg (631 lb).


In the 2021 World’s Strongest Man competition, Stoltman emerged victorious on June 20, 2021, becoming the first man from Scotland and the fifth British person to clinch the title.

His record list is longer than this. After defeating Geoff Capes on May 29, 2022, Stoltman made history on May 29, 2022, by becoming the first British champion to win two titles in a row and only the second Briton to do so in 37 years.

Tom Stoltman’s family

Tom Stoltman was born to Ben and Sheil. He is not the only strongman in his family of five siblings. He is the younger brother of Luke Stoltman, the two-time European Strongest Man and five-time Strongest Man of Scotland. They also run a YouTube together called The Stoltman Brothers.


Tom Stoltman’s wife

Tom Stoltman is married to Sinead since 2015. The two reportedly met when they were just 17.

Tom Stoltman’s net worth

Tom Stoltman’s net worth is reported to be 3 million pounds.