Who is stripper Grace Spoonamore as video with Ohio cop goes viral on Instagram

Who is stripper Grace Spoonamore as video with Ohio cop goes viral on Instagram

In recently revealed police body camera footage from an incident in Ohio, a situation unfolded where an intoxicated dancer attempted to seduce a police officer during a traffic stop resulting from a hit-and-run with the video of Grace Spoonamore viral on Instagram

For those unversed, the Body camera footage captures the moment when, during a hit-and-run arrest in Ohio, a 20-year-old stripper named Grace Spoonamore, who had consumed six shots of Patrón, calls a police officer “handsome” and suggests he use a Taser on her because she enjoys “k*nky” encounters.

Who is stripper Grace Spoonamore as video with Ohio police offficer goes viral on Instagram


The Incident unfolded as Spoonamore was driving a Buick Enclave and allegedly collided with a Chevrolet Cruz at an intersection in Brunswick before fleeing the scene.

Officer Dominick DeMedal pulled her over on April 30 near a car dealership, noting that she had bloodshot, watery eyes, and emitted a strong odor of alcohol, according to the police report.

The vehicle was registered to a man with felony warrants related to assault on a family member and a probation violation for cocaine possession.


After handcuffing Spoonamore, DeMedal asked if she had anything in her pockets. She responded with a flirtatious tone, “I don’t know. You want to check me?” and giggled.

While waiting in the back of the police cruiser, Spoonamore, dressed in a midriff-baring top and jeans, playfully extended her leg outside the car. DeMedal instructed her to retract her leg, to which she coyly remarked, “Listen, handsome man. You feel some type of way because my leg ain’t in the car?”

An Irritated DeMedal responded, “Get your foot in the car. Just stop!”

Initially denying alcohol consumption, Spoonamore later admitted to Officer Robert Dugan that she had consumed three double shots of Patrón “with a lime.” When she mentioned she worked as a stripper at Hustler, DeMedal inquired about the club’s location.


“You know. Don’t play dumb with me. I ain’t that dumb b—-. Don’t play me like that,” she retorted. “At least seven different officers want to report me because I won’t sleep with them because I work there.”

The club In downtown Cleveland was approximately 25 miles north of Brunswick.

Despite Dugan’s repeated attempts to obtain her current address, Spoonamore refused to comply. There was an alleged incident in which she sprayed saliva at him, though this was not captured on the footage.


Subsequent moments in the video show Spoonamore kicking the plexiglass divider and the cruiser’s side windows in a violent manner.

During the ride to the Brunsick Police station, Spoonamore urinated in the back of the cruiser, citing that she couldn’t hold it because she wasn’t allowed to go. She stepped out of the car with her jeans soaked, giggling.

Upon entering the station, DeMedal instructed Spoonamore to stand within a designated blue box on the floor for her mugshot while he searched for a female officer. She inquired if she could remove her clothes during this process.

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