Who is Sky Daily to be wife of Hulk Hogan and what is their age difference

Who is Sky Daily to be wife of Hulk Hogan and what is their age difference

Here is all you need to know about Sky Daily, new girlfriend of Hulk Hogan and their age difference 

The WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan may not be a frequent face in the ring, but that doesn’t mean the public no longer recognises the former wrestler.

Who is Sky Daily to be wife of Hulk Hogan and what is their age difference as she goes viral on Instagram

The 69-year-old WWE superstar and his 44-year-old girlfriend Sky Daily are most likely having the time of their lives. Fans, however, are interested in learning who Hulk Hogan’s girlfriend is.

When Hulk Hogan began being seen with Sky Daily, the media started to pay attention to her. Hogan affirmed that the two were dating before the audience could make an assumption about their connection. In 2022, he addressed the unidentified woman accompanying him on his official Instagram account and confirmed that she was in fact his girlfriend.

Who is Sky Daily?

Hulk Hogan recently got engaged to his girlfriend Sky Daily a year after dating.


Sky works as an accountant and a yoga instructor. She kept her social media accounts private, and her Instagram bio only included the following information: “I help #SmallBusinessOwners plan & organize finances.” However, her bio doesn’t read the same anymore.

Her personal life is not well known because she is a private person. According to rumours, Hulk Hogan’s girlfriend has three children, a daughter, and two sons as her children. The couple never misses an opportunity to display their PDA and is frequently seen having fun in numerous locations.


Hulk Hogan was married twice before starting a romance with Sky Daily. In 1983, he wed Linda Claridge for the first time. Brooke and Nick, the couple’s two children, were born to them. The family gained enormous popularity thanks to Hogan’s show: Hogan Knows Best. However, Linda decided to divorce her husband of more than 20 years. Meanwhile, the relationship didn’t last former and after 20 years of being together, Linda filed a divorce.

Hogan was allegedly involved in a relationship with Christiane Plante. After having an affair with Christiane, Linda and Hulk Hogan’s relationship broke down, and they divorced in 2009. Linda had regularly accused Hulk Hogan of adultery.

The two also separated, though. Hogan announced the news of his divorce on Twitter in 2022 using his official account. Since Hulkmania insisted that he thought everyone was aware of the news, it was a blunt piece of information for the audience. Additionally, his new girlfriend, who has been with the WWE Hall of Famer ever since, was confirmed by the news.