Who is singer Julie Ragbeer as her album Perplex and memes go viral, bio, age, songs and Instagram

Who is singer Julie Ragbeer as her album Perplex and memes go viral, bio, age, songs and Instagram

In the realm of Twitter and viral sensations, one name has recently taken center stage and that is age 24 Julie Ragbeer

Allegedly, Julie Ragbeer paid ThePopTingz to promote her album with a tweet, catapulting her into viral fame and the subject of countless memes. If Julie Ragbeer’s name has been flooding your timelines and you’re left wondering who she is, you’re not alone. But who exactly is Julie Ragbeer, and why has she become a viral sensation?

Who is singer Julie Ragbeer as her album Perplex and memes go viral on TikTok, bio, age, songs and Instagram

24-year-old Julie Ragbeer is a pop musician who hails from Jersey City, New Jersey. She began posting singing videos in 2017. In 2019, her first original song named “Trespasser” was released. Ragbeer is known as a “bedroom pop” artist.

Julie Ragbeer was born on July 8th, 1999 and is based in Jersey City, NJ, United States.

Julie Ragbeer first started posting videos of herself singing on YouTube on June 11th, 2017, when she posted a video of herself performing “America the Beautiful” during Multicultural Day at William L. Dickinson High School and that year on July 28th, she then posted a tribute to Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, who had recently died.


Julie Ragbeer’s album and tweet

The Twitter account Pop Tingz, also known as @ThePopTingz, which is similar to PopCrave or PopBase tweeted about Julie Ragbeer, mentioning that she “reflects on her experiences at 19 years old in her debut album.”

What’s intriguing is that a quick look at Julie Ragbeer’s Spotify reveals that her debut album, “Perplex,” was actually released in July 2023, making it nearly a year old. Julie Ragbeer had around 100 followers on Twitter when the tweet was posted, hinting at a possible paid promotion by Julie to the account.

Julie Ragbeer’s viral moment has the potential to significantly impact her music career. The surge in streams and newfound recognition could open doors to opportunities for collaborations, performances, and broader exposure within the music industry. While the viral fame may be fleeting, it has undoubtedly served as a catalyst for Julie Ragbeer’s music to reach a wider audience and leave a lasting impression.


Julie Ragbeer’s album, “Perplex,” initially had very few streams. However, since she went viral, it has garnered significantly more attention. The album’s music is described as interesting, featuring track titles like “Fight Against Your Fleshy Lusts” and the intriguing “Mary Whiton Calkins,” a song that musically channels Rihanna’s Anti-era and lyrically pays homage to the American philosopher and psychologist of the same name.

The sudden surge in popularity has made Julie Ragbeer a viral sensation on stan and gay Twitter, with her name becoming widely recognized.


Julie Ragbeer memes

The memes inspired by Julie Ragbeer’s viral moment are nothing short of hilarious. They encapsulate the essence of who Julie Ragbeer is and why she has become a viral sensation. From dissecting her album track by track to poking fun at the unconventional nature of her music, the internet has embraced Julie Ragbeer with open arms, turning her into a meme queen.

Julie Ragbeer herself has joined the conversation by providing more insight into her album through a Twitter thread where she discusses each track in detail. This thread serves as a great starting point for new fans looking to delve deeper into The Ragbeer’s music and persona.

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