Who is shooter Sift Kaur Samra, biography, age, family, hometown state, Instagram

Who is shooter Sift Kaur Samra, biography, age, family, hometown state, Instagram

Here is all you need to know about Sift Kaur Samra along with her age and family and her record-breaking performance at the Asian Games 2023

Sift Kaur Samra, an Indian markswoman, won the gold medal in the individual 50m rifle 3-position competition at the Asian Games by displaying great shooting prowess.

Who is shooter Sift Kaur Samra, biography, age, family, hometown state, Instagram, photos

While Samra took first place on the podium with a spectacular World and Games record score of 469.6, Ashi Chouksey, a fellow countrywoman, put out a strong effort and claimed the bronze medal with a score of 451.9. After Chouksey shot an 8.9 in her final shot to fall behind the Chinese shooter, Zhang Qiongyue of China took home the silver medal ahead of the Indian competitor.

In the women’s 50m rifle 3 Positions team event earlier in the day, Samra and Chouksey along with Manini Kaushik took home the silver medal. Samra placed second and advanced to the solo final with a new national record of 594. Despite having the same score as the Indian, China’s Xia Siyu won the qualification round because she received more inner 10s.



Who is Sift Kaur Samra?

Sift Kaur Samra is an Indian shooter who recently grabbed gold in the women’s 50m rifle 3 position event at the Asian Games 2023.

Born on September 9, 2001, in Punjab, 22 year old prodigy of sharpshooting demonstrated her prowess in the titanic contest held in Hangzhou, standing tall on the podium, symbolizing India’s increasing dominance in the sport. Sift’s achievement in the event is the nation’s first gold medal after the long intermission from 1986.


Trained at the renowned Dr Karni Singh Shooting Range in New Delhi under the watchful guidance of Mrs Deepali Deshpande, Sift honed her skills aiming for international excellence.

Last month, at the 2023 ISSF World Championships, promising Indian shooter Sift Kaur Samra successfully qualified for the Paris Olympics 2024. On Monday, August 21, she won the third place in the women’s 50m rifle event, placing fifth overall.

The brilliant Indian athlete, 21, finished fifth in the final with a score of 429.1. The Chinese shooters won both the gold and silver medals in the women’s 50m rifle 3-position event. The American shooter, meanwhile, won the bronze. Sift scored 192 while crouching, 199 while lying flat, and 198 while standing in the earlier qualification round. She advanced to the final with a total score of 589.


Who are Sift Kaur Samra’s parents?

Sift Kaur Samra is a 1st year MBBS student and her father is a businessman, as per a report by The Indian Express. 

What is Sift Kaur Samra’s net worth?

Sift Kaur Samra’s met worth has not been disclosed yet.


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