Who is Shoaib Jamai, biography, age, father name, wife, education, religion, Twitter

Who is Shoaib Jamai, biography, age, father name, wife, education, religion, Twitter

Shoaib Jamai is once again spreading hate speech and fake things about Hindu religious texts, know his biography and father name

Jamai has been crossing all boundaries of civility and decency with his tweets and debates. His hatred for Hindus has no limits.

Who is Shoaib Jamai, biography, age, father name, wife, education, religion and Twitter

The 34-year-old Shoaib has been appearing on TV debates since 2018, but despite having previously been a member of two political parties, TV channels have mostly projected him as a Muslim thinker or scholar.

From Jharkhand’s Giridih, he now lives in Delhi’s Jamia Nagar and operates real estate and food businesses in the area and is a biotechnology graduate from Bangalore University and is now pursuing a postdoctoral degree from Jamia Millia Islamia, where he has also done a one-year diploma in Islamic studies.

“My father was associated with Tablighi Jamaat, so I also joined it. During my PhD from Jamia, I formed India’s Muslim Foundation in 2016,” he said. “And I became the Delhi state president of Rashtriya Janata Dal in 2017.”

His father’s name isn’t known and neither are details about his marital status. He is a Muslim by religion.

Indian Muslim Foundation chief and Jamia Scholar Shoaib Jamai spews hate against Hindu’s challenges Bageshwar Baba to make India a Hindu Rashtra, peddles ‘Bhagwa love trap’ conspiracy theory

Chairman of the IMF, Shoaib Jamai, has once again spewed hate against Hindu and Indian culture. From uniform civil court to 72 Hooren, this man has never been able to give one proper explanation about his own religion, yet he claims to know everything about the world’s oldest religion. 

Shoaib Jamai’s Latest Promise To Make India A Muslim Nation By Combining Pakistan And Bangladesh

Jamai is heard challenging Bageshwar Dham Sarkar in a video that has gone viral, in addition to promoting myths and peddling fake information to disparage Hindus. He challenges the Hindu saint to make India a Hindu Rashtra if he has the guts to try.

He also blatantly threatened India with “Ghazwa-e-Hind”, a fantasy that describes the total conquering of India by invading Islamic forces, in the 9.16-minute-long video. 

Further denouncing Hindus, the extremists blatantly peddled the illusionary ‘Bhagwa love trap’ conspiracy theory created by Islamists and Maulanas.

He challenged the Hindu Bageshwar Baba to convert India into a Hindu Rashtra if he had the audacity. “I beseech Allah that the day comes when India transforms into Akhand Bharat. The day when 25 crore Muslims from Bangladesh, 25 crore Muslims from Pakistan, and 25 crore Muslims from India unite and take over India, then India would have a Muslim Prime Minister and more than 250 Muslims would serve as Assembly members.

He warned that soon India will be an Islamist country, and Babas such as Bageshwar Dham Sarker will have to flee India following the 2024 assembly elections.


The extremists further promised that not an inch of India’s land would ever be made Hindu Rashtra.

On June 3, 2023, the video was first published on the Naya Savera Times (NS Times) YouTube account.

Covering Up The Actual Problem Of Love Jihad With Islamists Fictitious Bhagwa Love Trap

When Jamai is ever asked about Love Jihad and a hundred killings in the name of Love Jihand and the forceful conversion of Hindu girls, Jamai quickly turns the discussion to a false ‘Bhagwa Love Trap’ conspiracy theory. According to him, it is being spread by Islamists and Maulanas like Sajjab Nomani. By blatantly claiming that Hindus are responsible for rampant rape and molestation cases in India, he whitewashed the crimes being committed by his religious brethren.

The group even forced documents and created fake videos of women wearing hijab being tortured by Hindu men.

Shoaib Jamai Propagates Myths About Hindu Holy Scriptures And Asserts That Apsaras And Hoors Are The Same In Islam

Soon, a video with the working title 72 Hoorain (72 Hoors) will hit theatres, showing the ugly side of Islamic terrorism. 


On June 4, 2023, the film’s teaser was released. Following the release of the preview for this movie, Shoaib Jamai tweeted a series of falsehoods regarding Hindu holy scriptures in an effort to debunk the idea of 72 Hoors in Islam.

One of the most attractive lures to join Jihad and foment Islamic terrorism is the promise of Hoors (meaning lovely virgin ladies) to Muslim men when they enter Jannat (meaning paradise or heaven) after accomplishing martyrdom while on the path of Jihad. 

The leaders of numerous terrorist organisations entice Muslim teenagers to carry out jihad against non-Muslims and slaughter infidels by offering them jannat and 72 hoors. Muslims who become entrapped in this hunger prepare to kill both themselves and others by becoming terrorists. These jihadis live only for life after death by killing people to meet hoors after death.

Shoaib Jamai took to Twitter to make false claims about Apsaras recorded in numerous Hindu texts and equate them with Hoors after the film’s teaser criticising this Islamic religion was aired.

These assertions are untrue, and while Hindu texts make reference to apsaras, there is no mention of Hindus receiving a thousand apsaras. 

Shoaib Jamai’s Zero Knowledge of Apasara in Hindu Scriptures

According to Hindu literature, apsaras are characterised as celestial maidens connected to the court of the god Indra and are mentioned in connection with a number of significant events. According to the Mahabharata, the Apsaras and Gandharvas performed holy duties and offered chants and songs to God Brahma. Nothing indicates that Apsaras are ‘available’ as prizes for common men the way Hoors are.


The trend “#ArrestShoaibJamai” is trending on Twitter, and experts like Shezab Poonawala are demanding the arrest of Shoaib Jamai for misleading people and promoting hate in the nation.

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