Who is Shaina Hurley as Oilers fan girl goes viral during NHL Western Conference 2024 semi final

Who is Shaina Hurley as Oilers fan girl goes viral during NHL Western Conference 2024 semi final

Shaina Hurley has been identified as the NHL fan girl seen behind the Oilers bench

During Sunday’s Game 3 of the Western Conference semifinals at Rogers Arena, the spotlight shifted away from the Edmonton Oilers and Vancouver Canucks’ matchup to focus on an unexpected spectacle.

Positioned behind the Oilers’ bench, a female fan garnered attention with her striking presence, clad in an eye-catching orange shirt cut provocatively low, revealing ample cleavage.

Who is actress Shaina Hurley as Oilers fan girl goes viral during NHL Western Conference 2024 semi final

Interestingly, this woman has already established a notable presence on social media platforms.

About Shaina Hurley

The viral sensation in the stands is none other than Shaina Hurley from “Love Is Blind,” Season 2. Rising to fame through her connections with Kyle Abrams and Shayne Jansen on the show, Hurley captivated audiences.

Following a fleeting engagement to Abrams, she departed the show and embarked on a romance with Christos Lardakis, whom she wed in July 2022 after a year of courtship. Lardakis brings with him a three-year-old daughter from a prior relationship.


Shaina Hurley is an active social media user and enjoys over 240K followers on her Instagram account which goes by the name @Shaina.Hurley. The internet personality is a devoted Christian.


Speaking about Hurley’s husband, Christos oversees Kanela Breakfast Club, a Greek-inspired eatery nestled in various spots across the Chicago metropolitan area.

Beyond his role as a restaurateur, he wears the hat of a general contractor. Under his stewardship lies CL Development, a company specializing in construction services catered to both commercial and residential properties.


As per reports, Shaina Hurley gave birth to Christos Lardakis’ son namely Yiorgos David on Monday, February 21, 2024. Regarding the match she was present at, the Edmonton Oilers faced a 2-1 deficit in the Western Conference semifinals after succumbing 4-3 to the Vancouver Canucks.

Will Shaina Hurley Attend Game 4?

Game 4 is slated to take place at Rogers Center once more, with the Oilers aiming to even the series. There’s been no indication as to whether Shaina Hurley will be present.

Shaina Hurley embraced motherhood in February when she, as the Love Is Blind celebrity, joyfully introduced her first child, Yiorgos David, alongside her husband Christos Lardakis.


Reports indicate that at birth, the baby boy weighed 7 pounds and 8 ounces, measuring 20 inches long. “We’re completely enamored! The journey into parenthood has been incredible,” the couple shared with the media.

“Every moment is precious, and we’re embracing it fully. We’re deeply grateful; our little one is truly a miracle. More details to come soon.” Shaina Hurley, known for her role in Netflix’s second season, disclosed her pregnancy in September 2023.

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