Who is Sahar Tartak as Yale Jewish student shares video of her allegedly being stabbed in the eye with a Palestinian flag

Who is Sahar Tartak as Yale Jewish student shares video of her allegedly being stabbed in the eye with a Palestinian flag

The video of Sahar Tartak, a student at Yale being poked in the eye with a Palestine flag has gone viral

If you’re using social media platform X, chances are you must have encountered the recent Yale trending videos. It’s been a while since the protests at Yale University were ongoing and the videos of these protests are swirling around online.

However, amid these ongoing protests, one distressing incident seemed to have occurred as a Jewish student at Yale University, Sahar Tartak, was assaulted on campus while she was covering an anti-Israeli protest on Saturday night.

Who is Sahar Tartak as Yale Jewish student shares video of her being stabbed in the eye with a Palestinian flag

According to her X profile, which goes by the name @sahar_tartak, Sahar is the editor-in-chief of the Yale Free Press. The young journalist enjoys more than 10.3K followers on the platform, wherein she usually updates journalistic videos and posts.

As per her LinkedIn profile, Tartak has been attending Yale University since September 2022, where she’s pursuing History as a sophomore. Before her time at Yale, Sahar was a student at Great Neck North High School.

Although details about her personal life remain private, she is affiliated with the Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism.


Earlier, speaking about the incident, Sahar Tartak revealed to the reporters that she was surrounded by protesters and was assaulted with a Palestinian flag, which caused an injury to her eye.

Despite attempting to report the incident to campus police, she was told they couldn’t help her, and she had to seek medical treatment at a hospital.

What Did Sahar Tartak Reveal?

Recounting the event during an interview with a media channel, Tartak said, “There were hundreds of people taunting me and giving me the middle finger, and then someone waved a Palestinian flag in my face and jabbed it into my eye.”

She further added, “When I tried to confront him, other protesters formed a barrier to stop me.” The protest, which drew hundreds of participants in support of Palestinians, has been criticized for its aggressive behavior, including harassment and intimidation.


Stop Antisemitism, a nonprofit group, has shared an image of the person who assaulted Tartak and is seeking the public’s assistance in identifying him.

Yale University Released Statement

Meanwhile, Yale University has announced that the campus police department is investigating the incident.

The university does not tolerate violence, said Yale President Peter Salovey in a statement, emphasizing that “Yale does not tolerate any actions or remarks that threaten, harass, or intimidate members of our Jewish, Muslim, or other communities.”

However, some critics, including Noah Rubin from the University of Pennsylvania, have pointed out that Yale’s policies on protests were not adequately enforced.


According to Yale’s guidelines, protesters must not block building entrances and are considered trespassers if they refuse to comply with police orders to leave.

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